Singer, Adokiye Kyrian makes acting debut

-’What I am bringing to the table’

She caused a social media storm last year when, in the heat of the Chibok girls abduction scandal, she offered herself to Boko Haram in exchange for the schoolgirls. Now, however, she is adorning movie jackets. Architecture graduate, Adokiye Ngozi Kyrian is breaking new grounds – the sultry songstress has now veered into acting.

She spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly’s MICHAEL NWOKIKE about her new found love and what she is bringing to the table

Adoke2(Web)You recently made your acting debut in Ogbanje. Tell us about it?

It was a great experience and a good encounter. I actually didn’t see myself acting but you might never know what you are made of until you make a move. Again, it was an awesome experience and I am glad it was a success.

What’s the movie about?

The movie is about a maid called Ejiro, who her madam and kids love so much because she is hard working and knows her job as a maid. She is sent to convert more people to her spiritual world. She was talked about in every home because she was hard working and kids yearn for a maid like her.

She succeeds in initiating the kids and other family maids and so the initiation went on and on.  Until the intervention of great men of God.

What role did you play?

I played the role of Ejiro, the demon-possessed maid.

Why did you venture into acting? Have you fallen out of love with music?

Not at all. Music is something that will never die. I came into it like a child, now I’m growing and ready to become perfect at it. I have learned a lot and I know my fans are happy about my growth and willingness to continue in the journey.

How did you venture into acting?

It all started when a Nollywood producer I met through a friend told me he saw a lot of great acting skills in me. At first, I thought he was joking because I had always thought acting was the last journey I undertake in entertainment. I was basically concentrating on music and learning how to get the right sounds for my fans. I said to him ‘You can’t be serious, I have not even been on a movie set not to think of practicing in any role for a movie. That still didn’t drive him away. He kept on encouraging me and told me to give it a try and that he’s not scared to take the risk with me. He told me to believe in myself and give it a try.

Your schedule will become more congested. How would you juggle the two careers?

Nothing is impossible! Once you are focused and determined, you can juggle anything.

Which do you love more, singing or acting?

They are both lovely. It’s just like telling a story through music and putting them in a play through acting. So, I love both.

As an actress, what are you bringing to the table that other actresses do not possess?

I want to tell my story through acting and believe me, other actresses are great and I get really inspired by them because I look up to them.

Moving to music now, what are you working on currently?

Like I said, I have been working on getting the right sounds for my fans and I believe they are certainly going to be proud of me.

How would you assess your music career thus far?

I would say it’s been fantastic. It’s been a journey. Despite the ups and downs, I am still here and have an opportunity to grow with my fans. It is really wonderful!

What are those things that matter to you the most as an inspirational singer?

What matters most is that I have a lot of great singers I am looking up to and see as mentors.

How was your 2014?

2014 was great. Though it was rough and tough at some point, a lot of obstacles on the way, but the road to success is never easy to navigate and it is always under construction. I really thank God today, He has been faithful.

Did you achieve all the goals you set out within the year?

Great goals with hard work are never achieved within a year. They come one after the other, as long as you keep moving in the right direction.

What are your projections for this year?

To give my fans great music and do great in any movie I get to be in.

You are a graduate of Architecture, are you practicing?

Once an architect, always an architect. I do my PP (Private Practice) sometimes when I am not on set working or not in the studio.

It is quite a strenuous profession, how are you coping?

Like I said, when I am off set, I fall on my drawing table.

Would there ever be a time you would consider leaving music for architecture?

My life will never change as an architect, musician and an actress. I thank God for success so far.


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