Singer Aramide out with new single,  ‘I Don’t Care’

Afro soul/jazz singer Aramide has dropped a new single entitled I Don’t Care. She recently got married to her longtime boyfriend Pelumi. The Ibadan born songstress in an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke about her career, marriage and more.


What’s new about you?

I have a new song out, titled, I Don’t Care. It was produced by Sizzle Pro. I recently got married too.

What inspired your new single, I Don’t Care, and what does it talk about?

I Don’t Care is a very soulful song laced with lots of piano work, horns and bass guitar. It talks about being free spirited and not getting bothered about people’s opinions at all. For me, it’s a very personal song. I just wanted to say it’s very okay to be happy with where you are and who you are, regardless of what people around you say or think.

When should we expect your album?

My debut album should be out in 2016. I have already started working on it and I’m loving the sound and direction.

We have a lot of talented female artistes now, what do you do that is different which will get you to the top?

We all have one thing that makes us unique and there’s room for everyone to be successful. I’m a live performer; I play the guitar. So, that sets me apart. I also write my own songs and my voice and style of music are rather distinct.

Congrats on your wedding, how did you meet your spouse?

Thank you very much. That story is really long, but I’m truly happy that we met. He’s amazing.

What attracted him to you?

It was his personality and charm. He’s my biggest fan and he’s such a hard-worker. I have always been attracted to people with real goals, who believe in other people’s dreams and themselves too.

Aramide-Sarumoh-Prewedding-Photos-1How are you enjoying marital life?

Thankful for God’s blessings.

We all know it’s not easy being a wife and a career woman. How do you juggle this?

God has been so faithful and my hubby is the best.

What has the experience been working with other artistes on Baseline?

Baseline is home for me and a very strong platform. All the artistes signed to the label are super cool and talented. My experience so far has been good. We’ve been working on some joint projects and collaborations and hopefully we would put out great music soon.

Apart from singing what else do you do?

Apart from singing, I love to teach and hope to have a school some day. I currently run a business with a close friend

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