Happily married couple, Emmanuel Bezhina Idahula, popularly known as Bez and his wife, Bolatito are enjoying their honeymoon in far away Turkey but will be back any time from now. The couple got married on Saturday, January 4, 2014, at Guiding Light Assembly Church, Parkview Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with Bez on their honeymoon experience and joys of a married life.


Congratulations on your wedding, how does it feel to be married?

Like a brand new life with a certain kind of sweetness that makes you wonder how you may have gone through life without experiencing it. I feel complete.

What is the best thing about being married?

I think it is the passion of being a pair, the idea that you are not alone; instead, you are a member of an everlasting team. It feels great, looking at her and laughing, saying to yourself she is all mine.

Now that you are married, what will change about you?

You have to be on the lookout so that you can inform me if you notice any change.

How will you describe your honeymoon experience?

It was wonderful, it was a getaway, an exciting experience. We had so much fun and continuous post wedding bonding.

How soon are you starting a family?

Oh, let me and Mrs. decide that one now.

What was the attraction?

She is just a beautiful, warm and caring person. She is also very understanding and passionate about my work. I could not have asked for a better partner.

What do you cherish most about her?

Her spirit and her mind, they are spectacular features she possesses.

What are the goals you have set for 2014?

I want to win the award for husband of the year, then release my album.

Career wise, what should we expect from your stable this year?

A new album. I am also packaging a global tour this year as I usually do. There is some information I cannot release yet about it, just stay tuned.



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