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Singer, Nikki Laoye on how she juggles marriage and career

NIKKI Laoye got married almost two years ago and disappeared from the music scene.  This was because she lost her father the same year.  She ventured into other things, gave her Angel for life Foundation more attention, took a job as an online radio personality.  She is back to the industry with two singles, 123 and Only You, which are enjoying airplay at major radio stations.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with her about all these and more…


What has been happening to Nikki Laoye?

So much has been happening to Nikki Laoye. I released two singles recently, one is entitled 123, a lovely dance single.  It was released online but now, it’s on radio and receiving a lot of airplay.  I have also released another ballad, a slow song called Only You.  It is a beautiful song dedicated to the memory of my father who I lost a year and half ago.  It is a song that celebrates God for keeping me throughout that devastating period and kept me and my family alive today.  Apart from that, Nikki also hosts her own radio show. I work with an online gospel radio station called Praise World Radio.  I am one of their on-air personalities.  I have a programme called Girlz Rock with Nikki Laoye. I showcase female, gospel or inspirational artistes who are doing good things. I also showcase young women in businesses who are practically millionaires or getting there.  We play beautiful music at the same time.

I also had a project with Mo Abudu’s upcoming television station, Ebony Life TV.  I did a new version of the National Anthem.  The concept is to celebrate the power and glory behind every true Nigerian, so that we can all remember what the National Anthem is all about and live by it.  That is, we are here to ensure that we constantly showcase greatness, uphold justice and live in love and peace.

It’s also to generate the feeling of loyalty in every Nigerian once again because if we don’t do that for ourselves, this country will not get better.  We all need to have a feeling of responsibility to the country, those are the basic things I have been up to.  Aside that, I also run my foundation, the Angel for Life Foundation.  Last year, we had a white cane day, ENCOMIUM supported me. I am just trying to ensure that the less privileged have a level of development to the best of my ability.  We just had another project. We helped a physically challenged producer to build a studio at Modupe Cole Home, so that he can make money.  Sometimes, the guy has to wheel himself from Akoka to Surulere on his wheelchair; a bank training school helped us out with that.  I have been quite busy doing a lot of things.

Would you say all these other things have taken Nikki Laoye away from what we used to know you with, music?

I wouldn’t say they are taking my attention, I will say they are beautifying me more because I have always had the mindset of not only being known as a singer.  Outside music, what else do I do to encourage someone, so every platform that God gives me, I use it to encourage someone.

A lot of people also believe you have relocated to Abuja since your husband is based there?

All this time I have been quiet, you have seen the evidence that I was busy.  I was trying to build myself again.  After losing my father, I really went through depression because I was his favourite.  That experience took a lot from me.  I had to take time to get myself together again, I also started working from the background. I have performed 123 on stage, it was crazy.  People were saying, Nikki is back again.  I look forward to doing more stuff like that.  I have not relocated to Abuja.  Yes, I travel back and forth, but Lagos is the hub of entertainment. I still have to come back.

How have you been coping, travelling all the time, marriage and career?

I wouldn’t lie, it has its challenges but I thank God.  He has been giving me wisdom and helping me handle some situations.  Of course, it can be tiring, but God has been faithful.

How are you enjoying marriage?

I thank God, He has been ensuring that our friendship is solid, friendship is the number one thing that keeps everybody together despite the ups and downs. I thank God that I am with my very good friend, who understands me and is ready to help me out.

Doesn’t he complain that you are more in Lagos than Abuja?

Of course, there will be moments when he complains, it is normal.  But he is actually very understanding. He loves what I do, but then, I still have to find a place to compromise sometimes and ensure that I don’t leave room for what shouldn’t be.

What is the best thing about being married?

The best thing is having a companion, someone that supports you, someone you can share your life with.

What are the challenges you are facing?

Of course, the distance is a challenge. Sometimes, I have to be away for a long time, that is the basic thing. But we believe God to close the gap.  He is interested in coming to Lagos, but a lot of things have to be put in place.

When are you starting a family?

I wouldn’t lie to you, we are not in a hurry, when it happens, we thank God.  You have to put a lot of attention to raising a child.  I love children.  I love being with them, but I want to take my time.  It will happen one day, I look forward to it.



This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, July 20, 2013

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