‘Julius Agwu paid my school fees’

And so appreciative of the support of Julius Agwu, Angela revealed that the high flying entertainer who has been a pillar to her actually surprised her with her fees for Law School. (Angela studied Law at the University of Abuja).

On when to give marriage another shot, the mother of Abagana’s only child said it’s in God’s hand…




January 24, 2008.

For how long were you married?

My marriage to Abagana didn’t last up to two years.

What would you say you miss most about him?

What I miss about him is his funny part.

What is your relationship with his family?

We are still close.

How old is your daughter?

She’s 6 plus, going to 7.


Julius Agwu

My family is so close that she thinks my brother is her father. So, she calls my big brother daddy. For now, she has not asked but we are still waiting to tell her.

What is she doing now? Who takes care of her in terms of education and general up keep?

She’s in school and my family takes care of her.

On your own part, it couldn’t have been easy. So how do you cope?

I thank God I’m doing great.

A lot of comedians pledged to take care of you and your daughter back then. Have they been there for you?

God has been there for me, not any man.

So, who has been most supportive?

Wow, Julius Agwu has truly shown that he is Abagana’s father and mentor. In fact, he paid for my Law School. When he said it, I didn’t believe it but my alert convinced me. Dauda has also been there too.

You are now in law school? How did you see yourself through with all the millions involved in getting legal education in Nigeria?

It has not been easy. God has been my source.

So, what next after law school?

After Law School, I will go into practice.

You are still looking amazingly and smashingly cute, sexy and beautiful. Are you in a relationship at the moment?

I’m in a serious relationship with God (laugh).

When will you consider giving marriage another shot?

God will decide for me if it’s soon or not.

What would be looking out for in your would be man?

What I look out for in a man is compatibility and how close he is with God.

Please, tell us more about you and your family?

God blessed me in a family that so much love and care for me. We are nine. I’m the last born. My mom is late but daddy is doing well. I did my O’Level in Abia state then the University of Abuja. So far so good, my life has been wonderful. I have four brothers and four sisters.

You are still amazingly beautiful, what is the secret of your good looks?

The secret behind my beauty is God. I rest my case.

–          UCHE OLEHI

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