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Slaps for Bayo Onanuga’s ‘hardship is exaggerated’ Facebook post


The Facebook post of Managing Director of News Agency of Nigeria, Mr. Bayo Onanuga, that the hue and cry about current hardship by Nigerians is exaggerated has received slaps and knocks from all angles.

The quiet and soft spoken gentleman posted yesterday (Tuesday, September 6) :

“My daughter was on the Virgin Atlantic Flight that took off from Lagos to London today. I asked her to find out whether the plane was filled up or going to London near empty judging by the noisy campaign from a section of the country about the ‘hardship’ in our country.
My daughter sent back this one-line text, after boarding: “daddy, the flight was filled up o”.
This makes me to wonder whether all the seeming orchestrated campaign in the media was not mere propaganda to make the Buhari regime look really bad.
I was in Bauchi and Jos at the weekend, I also found that food was cheap everywhere. In our hotel, we paid about N700 for a plate of semovita, or eba with a choice of cat fish or chicken. On the roadside, I found to my surprise that with just N1000, I bought over 50 oranges, two giant water melon and 10 pieces of sweet potato. I had experienced a similar thing in the market at Abuja, where I found that with N1,400, I could make a big vegetable soup, with tomato, pepper and roasted Titus fish.
Are the media and bloggers really painting a correct image of our country. It’s time for the media to objectively conduct a reality check about our reports, whether we are not over sensationalising so-called hardship that we talked about. ”

And ever since, scores have reacted to his submission.

Here are some …

Don Ajalakpo: I dont blame him when he said the hardship was the creation of the Nigeria media. After all he used his TheNews and PM news papers to propagate so many lies against the former administration of GEJ. Now he thinks it is same forgeting that this government has bought over the media. Shameless man

Akan Offiong: Bayo Onanuga should swap portfolios with Lai Mohammed

Okpako Elijah Brume: Wetn ds man dey smoke sef? U better kp ur mouth shut. Go and ask basket mouth what he experience after spitting rubish. Ode

Nkem Nwakite: Hmmm. Still talking. We understand English and we heard you ( or should I say read you ) loud and clear. Virgin Atlantic airplane was full therefore Nigerians are having a roll. It’s a pity

Emele Onu: If you write something and everybody seems to be in disagreement, you need to check carefully, most times you wrote a folly. This is from my experience as journalist. I respect you, Bayo, anyway

Obiaku Okam: Mr Onanuga you are a disappointment to mankind. May God Almighy visit you with the suffering of Nigerians. Amen

Bob Olukoya: Change the way we live? Coming from you? Gosh! Something you guys eat in government turn you all to monsters!!! Your daughter does not it deem it fit to fly a Nigerian carrier and you are here running commentaries on changing lifestyles and buying made in Nigeria. You need to apologise properly and desist from lecturing us on doing as you say NOT as you do. Thank you.

Ijeoma Daniels: This one na English you just wrote……
My only prayer is ‘may God take away that source you are using to brag, May you not find money to even pay for ordinary pure water talk more of paying for flight for your daughter…. In. Jesus name!

Goke Abefele: You let me down egbon, big time. You travalise the suffering of people?, if you dont know, people are going through extreme hardship. N1,000 might be ‘just’ for you but majority dont even have that talkless of using it to feed in ome fell swoop. o ga o.

Mum Boiz: See, there is no justification for that write up, even this is filled with arrogance, insensitivity, pride and the likes.. Sir, you need to ask God to refurbish your brain, get down from that your high horse and receive lots of sense… To whom brain is given, little sense is expected

Korede Coded: Don’t try to dodge from your earlier mess, you suppose to be a role model to many people but you mess up. You need to apologise to Nigerians and stop twisting the story.

Bolton Jona: Why didn’t you and your daughter support this government by patronizing local content?
What happened to indigenous Airlines like Arik and others?
Hypocrites. Go and look for another story as this one cannot brainwash us

Okeowo Babajide Olamilekan: Sir, this is sycophancy on all fours! Because you CAN afford to send your daughter to London, stay in a hotel and afford 3 square meals with the luxury of desserts to boot means it is well with everyone? A bag of rice goes for N23k as at this morning or let me break it down for you sir, a de-rica cup of rice is about N400 that can only feed 4 people, drop your fancy car and take a stroll through the streets of Lagos and count the numbers of people that will accost you for 100 to eat! Sir, pray to God for forgiveness for this insensitive post you just put up and please, take it down

David Ejeagba: Lemme not askk why you daughter is running away from her father land…She can even afford a “Virgin ticket”. You even live in Abuja…and can afford a hotel bill. My brother you own beta.
There are millions of Nigerians who cannot afford to fly Virgin…due to hardship. I thin you and your family deserve an award for being insulated from the economic crunch nd financial depression.

Justin Joshua: You would have also added how she paid for the entire first class cabin on the flight. Unnecessary show off.

Ufoegbunam Anayo Egalitarian: This man is disgusting! People are suffering, many can barely eat and you’re talking about those that fly from Lagos to London. You’re the propagandist. May you experience what the downtrodden are going through in this hardship. Law of Karma shall visit you!

Omosun Charles Nasiru: Insensitivity nd arrogance! Sad! This is one of d people we used to read their articles in magazines in those days when they pretended to be fighting for d masses. It is often said that if u want to know how good a man is, test him with two things: Power nd Money! “Etu Bayo”??

Charles Iko’basi: 700 x 3meals a day = 2100 x 30 days = N63, 000. For food alone. My oga , Mr Onanuga belongs to the top rung of the ladder.


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  • Grace

    Arik Airline Ticketing Contact 08037753153 For Booking Assistance Service

  • Grace

    Arik Airline Ticketing Contact 08037753153 For Booking Assistance Service

  • Grace

    Arik Airline Ticketing Contact 08037753153 For Booking Assistance Service