Socialite Shina Peller launches new Mercedes Benz SL 550

‘It’s the fruit of my labour’

Mercedes Benz SL 550

Mercedes Benz SL 550

Lagos socialite, Shina Peller has opened up on his receipt of a Mercedes Benz 550. The Aquila Oil and Gas boss confirmed to ENCOMIUM Weekly about the latest addition to his fleet. That was on Saturday, October 12, 2013. “Yes, it is true. I just bought a new Mercedes Benz SL”

Not wanting to divulge further details, the fair skinned son of late magician, Abiola Moshood, maintained the new acquisition was the fruit of his labour.

“I worked hard so I must enjoy. This is not my first car, so I wouldn’t want to discuss any details”.

We gathered that Shina Peller, former partner of Nu Grotto night club boss, Abiola Adegoke bought the wonderful ride days before Nigeria’s 53rd independence anniversary celebrations and he is painting the town red with it. According to our findings, the new car cost him N20 million, though the official market price for Mercedes Benz SL 550 starts from N17.4 million.

The latest car with customized registration, Quilox is regarded as one of the world’s safest convertibles. It comes with many state of the art accessories, including biturbo V8 engine. The convertible is white, has two doors and other luxury elements. Apart from this new Mercedes Benz SL 550, the socialite parades other exotic cars in his garage.




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