Society pillars honour Rita Emerhor at 50

On Saturday, December 13, 2014, the creme de la crème gathered at Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos, to honour delectable Chief (Mrs.) Rita Emerhor as she celebrated 50. 

The event kicked off with a red carpet and cocktail. While eating and drinking, a saxophonist thrilled to melodious tunes. The event proper kick off shortly after with talented comedians, Bovi and Gordons. They dazzled with rib-breaking jokes. Dancers took over the stage before the celebrant was welcomed to the occasion in grand style.

Garbed in a flowing ensemble, the ageless beauty was an epitome of grace and elegance. She approached guests with hugs, pecks, thanking them all for honouring her with their presence. All the way from Barcelona, a magician was brought to display his wealth of experience and expertise at the event. There was a special Christmas rendition by the celebrant and her team. Ushers from Funke Bucknor-Obrute led Zapphaire Event ensured that guests were pampered to sumptuous dinner. As each guest set to depart, a portable photo frame was handed out as souvenir. 

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to the celebrant’s husband and children about the matriarch of the house at 50.

‘She’s the luck of my life’ -OLOROGUN OTEGA EMERHOR

Olorogun OtegaHow do you feel about marking your wife’s birthday?

This is the 50th birthday celebration of my wife, mother of my children and partner of 34 years. Thus you can understand my feelings. It means a lot to me because we have been looking forward to it for a while. I celebrated mine seven years ago. We know this day would come and we have been praying to God about it and we are grateful to Him for the grace to behold that day. We are very excited.

Looking at her, would you say she has come of age?

In spirit, behaviour and maturity, she clocked 50 earlier than me. If you look at her physique, you will think she is 40. God has been good to her and she has been disciplined too about her body. I am so lucky to have her.

What has kept the marriage going?

For marriage to last, there must be communication. Both of them must have the attitude of give and take.

She has a lot of that than me. We communicate a lot. Forgive me and I am sorry are keys to a lasting union. We have learnt to deploy that very well. She has been very understanding. I am not the best of scan0003husbands, because I have my flaws but she has been there for me.

It came at a time you just won the gubernatorial primary under APC in Delta, isn’t that double celebration?

It’s an outstanding occasion. It’s a strong position because of the dynamics of politics, especially in Delta State. Combining the victory with her golden age means a lot. She has always been a lucky person. She has been the luck of my life.

What are your chances of winning come 2015?

My chances are very strong. For me to lose means I didn’t do my assignment well. My people are clamouring for change and I symbolize that change. Our major problem is rigging and we are experienced and won’t allow that to happen.

If you are to sum up the five years of Gov. Uduaghan, what would you say?

I don’t have to sum it up. Come to Delta and see it yourself. Unlike Lagos that has the touch of development, Delta doesn’t have such. It is not only about his tenure but the 16 year reign of PDP in Delta state. We have a lot of resources but nothing to show for it.


scan0005Congratulations! How does it feel, people are gathered here to celebrate your mom at 50?

It is amazing. I am so excited. Everybody wants to party all night because we are grateful to God for all that He has done for her, her prayer goes on miles for so many people. It is a great day for me.

How will you describe her?

She is very kind. She is a diva. She is like my twin sister. I love her to death. She is an amazing person, a natural person. I want to be like her when I get to her age.

Your prayer, wish for her?

I pray that God will continue to bless her, the remaining years of her life will be more joyous. She will have more to be thankful for. There will be no sorrow in her life.

‘I am very happy for her’-OJITE EMERHOR

How does it feel, seeing people gather here to celebrate mummy at 50?

I don’t feel that my mom is 50, I feel she is 25.

How will you describe her?

She is a wonderful woman. I always look up to her. I am very happy for her. Today is a wonderful day.

Your wish and prayer for her at 50?

I pray that she will live to see more years. I want her around for a long time. I wish her the best, she should continue doing what she is doing, she should not change anything about herself.


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