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Soji Omotayo’s attempted murder case update: Court adjourns again to April 14

soji omotayo

The last is certainly not yet heard of the attempted murder case filed by famous radio and television presenter, Olusoji Omotayo, otherwise known as SOJ, against his hitherto bosom friend and client, Kunle Kushimo (

Injured SOJ

Injured SOJ

) before the Magistrate Court, Ota, Ogun state as the case has been adjourned for the second time.

An impeccable source disclosed to ENCOMIUM Weekly that both the plaintiff, Omotayo and defendant, Kushimo waited in vain on Thursday, February 25, 2016 as the case was not heard again due to unavoidable absence of the magistrate in charge.

“The attempted murder case instituted against Agarawu by SOJ has been re-adjourned. I was in court on Thursday to witness the hearing, but there was no sitting. The clerk told us that the new magistrate in charge of the case was absent due to unavoidable reasons. Therefore, the hearing had to be shifted to another day. And Thursday, April 14, 2016 has been fixed again for the case.

“SOJ and his lawyers, so also Agarawu and his lawyers were in court that day. Also, the police from Eleweran, Abeokuta, Ogun state were there. But the way things are going, the case may die a natural death at the end of it all.”

In ENCOMIUM Weekly’s bid to confirm the development, we contacted SOJ on Friday, February 26, 2016, and he said, “It’s true hearing didn’t take place again as scheduled by the court. We were told that the new magistrate handling the case was not on sit.

“So, the need to adjourn the case again was unavoidable. The new date for the hearing is now Thursday, April, 14, 2016.

“Initially, the matter was before court 3, now it’s being handled by court 1.All of us were in court on Thursday, including the police from Eleweran police station, but only to be told that the case had to be re-




“But I believe no matter how long it takes, the truth shall prevail. I am sure of justice. I still believe strongly in the rule of law.”

On Sunday, August 23, 2016, Omotayo visited Agarawu in his Ota, Ogun state residence on invitation by the latter. But allegedly, Agarawu matchetted SOJ, accusing him of savouring juicy romance with his wife.

The case was, however, reported at Onipanu police station, Ota, Ogun state where Agarawu was later arrested and detained. But surprisingly, he was granted bail same day.

The matter was later transferred to the state Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (CIID), Eleweran, Abeokuta, Ogun state where Agarawu was charged to Magistrate Court, Ota, Ogun state. The case was earlier fixed for Monday, December 14, 2015, but was inevitably adjourned to Thursday, February 25, 2016 as the magistrate in charge then was said to be mourning. Now, it has been re-adjourned to Thursday, April, 14, 2016.


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