Sola Fajobi launches content distribution outfit, eForce with 5,000 outlets

The problem of piracy has been a lingering thorn in the flesh of producers of Nigeria’s high-profile film and music contents as criminals (pirates) continue to feed fat on their hard work.

This phenomenon has left big holes in the pockets of the owners of those who invest time and huge sums into the production of these acclaimed contents.

However, in order to stem the flow of revenue lost to piracy, entertainment mogul and owner of the Supermom and Next Movie Star franchise, Sola Fajobi has launched an unprecedented movie and music distribution company, eForce.

eForce, according to Mr. Fajobi, would provide easy access to entertainment and creative works such as audio CD, DVD, Nollywood movies in DVD, decoders, tickets to events, books and other entertainment products to customers across Nigeria.

Explaining the benefits of the new project to ENCOMIUM Weekly at the official launch, last week, Mr. Fajobi said that apart from the obvious and major benefit of eliminating piracy to its barest minimum, his platform will ensure more sales for the movie and music producers.

He added, “With a population of 160 million people, how can a good Nollywood movie not sell more than 50,000 copies?

“Aside piracy, the major challenge facing the creative works industry in Nigeria is an effective distribution model that allows customers to access the original works of their favourite artistes within week one of release.

“Our goal, therefore, is to ensure that we create the best distribution system that will fill this gap, deliver quality content to people at their touch-points at the best rate and thereby gradually reduce the motivation for pirates.

“This is also going to reduce unemployment because we will engage at least 25,000 Nigerian youths as our mobile sales force team.”

In addition, he expects this new development to improve investor confidence and widen Nigeria’s entertainment customer base.

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