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Sport gamblers speak on their fortunes in 2016

Arguably, 70 percent of Nigerian youths are committed patrons of football betting. The rise of this new found money spinner has become so widespread that both the young and the old now want to become millionaires in one day.

Consequently, the current state of the country could be said to have had an impact as there has been a steady increase in the number of punters due to high poverty level and unemployment rate. Even the salary of the employed is believed to be below sustenance.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with sport gamblers on their fortunes in the year 2016. In the chat, many revealed how they were able to live a happy life with the help of sport betting despite the recession, while others lament they have lost a whole lot.


‘2016 was a fantastic year for me’ – FARUQ SANNI

The year 2016 was a very good year for me. I didn’t really feel the impact of the recession because I won a lot of cash in sport betting. There was a time around September when I won about N200,000. So, 2016 was a good year for me and hope 2017 will be better.


‘Sport betting is risky and it’s meant for the brave’ – SUNDAY BANKOLE

Sport betting is a 50/50 issue. I won some good amount of money and I also lost some amount as well. I wouldn’t say the year 2016 was awesome because there was a time I placed bet for more than 3 months and I won nothing. Sport betting is risky and it’s meant for the brave. I have learnt my lessons in 2016 and I will make sure 2017 is a great year for me.


‘2017 will be my luck year’ – GODWIN OKONKWO

I have stopped playing sport betting sometime last year when I realized I have wasted a lot without winning a dime. I resumed playing this year with the hope that 2017 will be my lucky year. I won N5000 on January 1st and I hope the goodluck continues.


‘It’s very hard to predict football matches’ – STEPHEN ODUWOLE

I haven’t been very lucky playing sport betting, I have been playing since 2013 and I can tell you that I can count the number of winning that I have had. It’s very hard to predict football matches. Sometimes I would have predicted all matches correctly and the last pick will be the one that will cut short my chance of winning. I will reduce the rate at wish I gamble this year because I can’t afford to keep losing money without winning anything.


‘I won a good number of bet in 2016’ – AYOMIDE OBATAYO

2016 was such a memorable year for me, I placed a lot of bets and I also won a good number of bet. I won over N500,000 last year alone. I don’t play the game every weekend though, I place bet once in a while and I take my time to predict correctly before placing my bet.


‘2016 was not a smiling year for me’ – EMMANUEL ATOH

My brother, I really suffered last year as I didn’t even win a dime all through the year. There was a time I won N4000 but I had thrown my winning ticket away before realizing I won. I think I wasn’t just lucky predicting matches. I will watch the number of time I will place bet this year because I am not ready to lose more money.


‘To be sincere, I won nothing last year’ – IDOWU OLOKO

Sport betting has a way of winning one’s heart to keep playing even when you are not winning anything. One of my New Year resolutions for 2017 is to stop playing sport betting but I can’t help than to try my luck maybe this one will be my lucky chance. I won nothing last year I must tell you.


‘Betting is a game of luck anyway, we are only predicting’ – SENI AFEEZ

I won just N23,000 in August 2016 and that was the only winning I had last year. It’s a game of luck anyway, we are only predicting. No one is certain of winning until the matches are played and the results are out. I am sure this New Year will be a better one for me because I have restrategised my plans.


‘It’s really hard to predict football matches’ – FATAI OLUWOLE

I won sport betting just twice last year but I won dog race more. It’s really hard to predict football matches. I have actually wasted a lot of money since I started playing compared to the amount I have won. 2016 was very tough my brother, but I kept the hope alive.


‘I won a lot last year of sport predictions’ – JOSEPH NNAMDI

I won a lot last year of sport predictions. There was a time I played N100 ticket and I ended up winning N42,000. So, it’s a matter of luck. No one can categorically tell you they are experts in predicting sport matches. We are all doing it for the sake of winning more money but we even lose more in the process.


‘Situation of the country forced me into betting’ – TOSIN AKOREDE

Before now I never had any interest in sport betting or any form of gambling to be precise but the situation of the country forced me into it. I have a lot of bills to pay and my kids will eat. I started in 2016 with Lotto, that wasn’t really a good one for me and I have to switch to sport betting. Now, I am happy to tell you sport betting did a lot for me in 2016.


‘2016 was a fabulous year for me’ – TOKUNBO ISRAEL

I made a lot of money last year on gambling. I don’t bet on sport alone I play other gambles too and the year 2016 was a really nice one even though I’m yet to know what 2017 holds. I was able to reopen my barbing saloon last year with the help of the money I made on betting and the little I earn from my work. The year was a great one anyway.


‘I hardly play bet these days’ – OLAOSEBIKAN FALOMO

I hardly come to shops to place my bet. I play most of my games online and it is really the best. I won over N100,000 last year on football betting and I get my cash directly in my bank account. Though I lost some good amount too but I’m still happy for the year 2016.


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