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Sports presenter, Kibati Bankole becomes Betcolony Ambassador

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Popular female sports presenter, Kibati Bankole has just landed a new deal as a brand ambassador of sports Betting company Betcolony.

Beautiful Kibati, who is famous for her TV show Football Fan Challenge told ENCOMIUM Weekly that her new deal with Betcolony has kept her busy going from one place to the other campaigning for the brand. Though she wouldn’t want to disclose the financial aspect of the deal, she said she is enjoying herself and would love to be the face of the sports betting company for long.

She added that Betcolony is making millionaires among Nigerians on a weekly basis and the vision of the company tallies with her’s. Today full-fledged sports gaming is gaining momentum in the country through the popularity of sports betting sites. Following the ever growing presence of these betting sites and centres, and with many gambling firms now opening their doors, sport lovers are taking their passion to another level, as many soccer lovers have realized that the match scores they predict for fun could actually fetch them some money. She spoke more about her new deal.


When did you become brand ambassador of Betcolony?

About six months ago, Betcolony has the same vision as mine. I am an entrepreneur, I like to do things on my own and Betcolony is a betting company that encourages people. They motivate young people to go into business, they make young millionaires.

What is expected of you as an ambassador of Betcolony?

I create content for the company like the Betcolony VIP to build the company’s brand. Betcolony has a lot of products; they have horse racing, poker, and many other things for fun lovers, not just football alone.

There is tennis, anything young people can identify with and people are making millions from these every day. So, my job is to create that awareness for the world to know what is going on. Betcolony VIP means they are bringing the betting to the people you watch the match at the SS Lounge and you place your bet in a more enjoyable ambience. It is a new way of betting in Nigeria.

What is the duration of your contract with the company?

I hope it lasts forever, as long as we are happy doing business together. I don’t think I will leave them anytime soon. I have interacted with other sports betting companies, Betcolony is just unique, they encourage talent, and they encourage people to be ambitious. They encourage entrepreneurship and as long as our vision correlate, I don’t see us parting ways. We are going to have a long and prosperous relationship.

What is the package like as the ambassador?

I won’t disclose that right now, all I can say is I am the face of Betcolony.

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