Star actress Adeola Adelowotan speaks on her new movie, Omo Casino


‘My relationship with Sir K Oluwo’

Top Yoruba actress, Adeola Adelowotan, better addressed as Iya Ibeji, has just completed another blockbuster, Omo Casino billed to be premiered on Sunday, November 20, 2016. The event slated for Timesquare Event Centre, Ikeja, Lagos, is expected to attract dignitaries from all walks of life.

In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly at an event in Ikeja, Lagos, on Thursday, September 15, 2016, the pretty film maker spoke on the new flick, the preparations for its premiere, relationship with Sir K Oluwo and much more.


What’s going on now concerning your career?

I thank God everything concerning my career is going on fine. I am doing well for myself. I thank God I am still among the relevant stars in the industry irrespective of the economic situation of the country.

What are you working on now?

I am working on the premiere of my new movie, Omo Casino. It’s billed to be premiered on Sunday, November 20, 2016.

How prepared are you for the event?

I am prepared to a very reasonable extent. I have done almost everything in readiness for the premiere. I have got the event place which is Timesquare Event Centre, Ikeja, Lagos. The publicity is ongoing and I can see that everybody within and outside the industry is trying to render one support or the other to ensure the success of the premiere.

So, I give glory to God for that. But that doesn’t mean I don’t need more support from well meaning Nigerians, especially lovers of entertainment. I still need more sponsorships because it’s going to be a very elaborate event that will parade dignitaries from far and near, including those abroad.

What informed the title, Omo Casina?

Omo Casino is all about how to give to the needy. The casino tells us that not all the girls who are into prostitution will end up badly. Some will be lucky and become better persons at the end of it all. And Omo Casino tells us about how you can eat your cake and still have it. A lot of things are encapsulated in the movie. You can’t get it all until you see the movie.

Tell us a little about Omo Casino?

The lady in question has a casino complex where people play games and a lot of other things, including clubbing and other activities involving girls and guys. I don’t need to say much about the movie now. All I know is that it’s going to be one of the best movies so far because it exposes a lot of things. There are many lessons to learn in it, especially by the young ones out there.

Is it a serious movie or comedy?

It has everything. It’s not just about the entertainment aspect but it’s also educative and informative. People should just keep a date with me for the premiere. They will see a movie that they have never seen before.

Don’t you think people will see it as if you’re encouraging prostitution and other social vices with Omo Casino?

No, it’s not about encouraging prostitution at all. It’s about how to change from being a prostitute to a better person. That’s the main message in the movie. That you can be a prostitute but at the end of the day you can repent and become a good person.

No one should be written off  because not everybody found in the trade does it willingly. Some are products of the society or broken homes that need to be rehabilitated even by the government and well meaning Nigerians.

Who are the stars in the movie?

We have myself as producer, Odunlade Adekola, Fathia Balogun, Afeez Eniola, Mama Ereko and other notable faces in the industry.

How much have you spent on the movie so far?

I have spent up to N2 million and I am still spending.

The budget isn’t that high, why?

Personally, I don’t think it’s advisable to go for a higher budget than that for now. Everybody understands the situation in the industry right now and the country as a whole. What’s important is the quality of the job and the message there in.

There are lots of movies that have gulped far more than that but no message. I thank God I have achieved the goal I set for the production. And I am indebted to those who supported me in one way or the other for the success of the production.

What were the challenges during the shoot?

We experienced a lot of challenges. Even when we’re shooting, rain almost disturbed our activities. But we thank God because it’s a success at the end of it all.

But a lot of your colleagues are scared of producing movies this time around because of piracy, why did you dare the situation?

Yes, we’re not producing movies like we used to because of piracy but that can’t stop us from cooking for our fans. Pirates can’t send us packing from the industry. They’re parasites and I believe they will soon be gotten rid off with the effort of the present government.

I believe strongly that everything will soon be alright by the special grace of God. We’re still working, we keep our fingers crossed to see how the government will support us.

A lot of people out there see actresses living on the mercies of some sugar daddies to survive, do you have any contrary opinion to this?

Yes, I have. I don’t know anything about living on the mercies of sugar daddies to survive. I believe in myself and a lot of my colleagues as well. We believe in hard work. When we work, we make our money. I personally don’t have time for rubbish. I face my work squarely and pray for God’s favour and blessing and that has been working for me since I started years back.

If we produce now, we may not get the return on time, but at the end of it all, we will smile to the bank. Most of us produce and act as well. When they call us for jobs, they pay us and when we produce, we also make our money. It’s only that things are a little tight this year. That’s why many people are lamenting.

Apart from the piracy of a thing, the economy is also nothing to write home about. But I give glory to God. We just have to put our hope in God to change the country’s situation so that we shall all have reason to smile.

It’s no longer news that most actresses in the Yoruba movie sector have benefitted a lot from some members of National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), especially MC Oluomo. But now, most of you are said to be scrambling for a popular and wealthy land speculator and businessman, Alhaji Kamoru Lamina (Sir K) and your name was particularly mentioned…

(Cuts in) Yes, I know Sir K Oluwo. But I don’t know about actresses scrambling for him.

Okay, what’s his relationship with you as an actress?

Sir K is a very nice person. He likes our industry. He respects and likes all of us in the industry, including men and women, old and young. And he has really contributed his quota to the development of the industry.

Anybody that invites him for either launching or any movie related event, he always honours us. So, he’s a very nice supporter of our job.

But it’s rumored you have a kind of relationship with him?

(Cuts in quickly) No, nothing like that at all. He likes everybody. He doesn’t disregard or disrespect people. Besides, I am happily married, he even knows my husband and my husband knows him as well. I am not among those eyeing him. Sir K is also happily married.

Will he also be at the premiere?

Yes, he’s coming. He is even one of the chairmen of the day.

Aside Omo Casino, which other movies have you produced?

I have produced Tekun Teje, my first movie, Ibidun (1 & 2), then, I produced Mase in 2015 and this year, I am coming out with Omo Casino.

What differentiates the latest movie from the previous ones?

Everything, including the technical aspect of it. The location, costumes, storyline, name it. Omo Casino is definitely a movie to beat as far as Nollywood is concerned.

All along, who has been supporting you?

I thank God, I always get a lot of support from my people. Even those I least expect render one assistance or the other. And I have my husband as well, he has always been my pillar of support. I must thank him so much for his love and support.



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