Star actress, BISOLA BADMUS finally breaks silence on son’s paternity: ‘K1 IS HIS FATHER’

+ It wasn’t a one-night stand, I am married to him

 At last, top Yoruba actress, Bisola Badmus has opened up exclusively on the controversy trailing the paternity of her son, Abdulmalik Ayinde Marshal, who was born sometime in June 2012. The ebony thespian told ENCOMIUM Weekly that her baby belongs to popular and wealthy fuji musician, Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde Anifowose, aka K1 De Ultimate who she had denied being the father of the boy.

The talented role interpreter spoke with us on this and much more including her new movie, Afopina when we had a Blackberry chat with her on Friday, March 14, 2014.


How would you describe your career right now?

I am good and cool at all times. My career is gallant. I give God all the glory for that.

What are you working on at the moment?

I have some stuffs I am working on. But basically, my movie is my priority for now.

When was the last time you released a movie?

My last movie, Adaniloro came out in 2013.

Why did it take you almost a year before working on a new one?

Nothing really, I just kept calm for a while. And I needed to rebrand and step up the game. So, I don’t need to rush.


Bisola Badmus

It feels great. People will want to see the best of you, your fans want to see you do well. Also, the public is so happy seeing you. So, I must say it’s really a great feeling.

What are the painful things that being an actress has done to you?

Nothing really. I never had any regret choosing the profession.

It’s common knowledge that movies are no longer selling, why do you keep producing?

We got to just keep producing. We make our money. It’s God’s grace that keeps us on track.

But a lot of people believe that you actresses live on men as an alternative. What’s your reaction to this?

If that’s what they feel, so be it. No hard feelings about that.

There is a tale that you’re claiming that K1 De Ultimate is the father of your baby, how true is it?

Yes, he is the father of my son. That’s not a lie. My son is not a bastard.

What’s your son’s full name?

He is Abdulmalik Ayinde Marshal. I have never regretted having a baby for K1. He has been a wonderful father to my son. He is taking good care of him.


K1 De Ultimate

I thank God for giving me a wonderful son, a cute one at that. I am happy as a mother. Let me correct the impression by the public and some press men that may be because K1 had denied the paternity of my son, that’s why I kept quiet since.

That’s not true. I only don’t want to talk because I hate noise, most especially on my son because he is too young for that. Everybody knows I am naturally a very quiet person. That’s why I refused to talk about or even grant any interview on the matter. I know who the father of my son is. It’s not controversial.

Is there any misunderstanding between the two of you at the moment?

We never had any misunderstanding. He still pays his bills as a father. And my son will be happy knowing that K1 is his father. He has been so caring to us. I can’t fight the father of my baby. That can never happen between us. K1 has been a very good father and I love him for that.

How long have you been in relationship or it was just a one-night-stand?

It wasn’t a one-night-stand. We had a good relationship. We agreed that we should have a baby, not that I forced my child on him.

Are you telling us you’re married to him?

Of course, I don’t have any other husband.

But we learnt you’re afraid of his new wife, Titi Masha. That’s why you remained silent on the issue. What’s your comment on this?

I told you I kept quiet because I don’t like noise, especially about my little boy. Besides, no one has ever been a threat to me. My husband is my husband. I don’t believe I owe anybody any explanation for marrying him. Nobody was there when we met. Then, how can anybody become a threat to me or my marriage to K1? That’s not possible. So, that’s all.

Anyway, leave my marriage for me for now. That’s not the real reason I decided to grant this interview. It’s just a kind of digression.

Can you tell us a little more about your new movie?

The new movie I am working on now is Afopina. It will be out next month by the special grace of God. The movie was written and produced by me, directed by Damola Olatunji. It features Antar Laniyan, Mr. Latin, Odunlade Adekola, Fathia Balogun, myself, Damola Olatunji, Aina Gold, Taiwo Ibikunle, Toyosi Adesanya and others.

Afopina is all about a chief that has a contract marriage with a young lady, who he later fell in love with. It’s a fantastic movie. I am appealing to all my fans to keep their fingers crossed, it won’t be a disappointment. They should just grab their copies immediately it’s released.

I beg them, in the name of God, they shouldn’t buy pirated ones. God bless them all.


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