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Star actress, Oby Edozieh secretly weds ex-Pop star, Alex O – Dispels pregnancy tale ‘I love everything about him’

STAR actress, Oby Gold Edozieh is now married!

A secret wedding that took everybody by surprise!  And the man Oby would spend the rest of her life with is ex-Pop star, Alex O (Okoroigwe).

The couple formalized their union at the Ikoyi Registry, Ikoyi, Lagos on Friday, December 16, 2011.

Only a few friends and family members witnessed the wedding.

“Yes, I’m now married to Alex O. Okoroigwe,” Obey Edozieh confirmed in an exclusive chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Saturday, December 17, 2011.  The movie star and producer, however, assured they would be heading for the altar in no distant time.

And shying away from lengthy comments, she further confessed she loves everything about her husband.

Interestingly, the couple had been dating secretly away from the prying eyes of the public.  The closest link the newly-wed flaunted months back was Alex O producing the sound track for her cancer advocacy film, Save Our Souls.  He was also with Oby Gold at the London premiere of the highly rated movie as part of the production crew.

Always a subject of media speculation and gossip, even amongst her Nollywood colleagues, Oby Edozieh’s marriage plan has been one little secret she kept close to her heart.  Even when it was reported (early this year), that she has found love, she promptly denied it, saying that the rumour mongers were on their own.

“You want to know about my love life?  Wait till I my wedding day.  Once I get married, that’s when I would tell you about my love life and the very man.  So, stop bugging me,” Oby would always tell the inquirer back then.

She also had this to say about her romantic disposition: “I listen to soft sentimental music. I am very romantic.  When I love, I love to the extreme. I go all the way.  I have been heart-broken, but it’s personal.”

But there were indeed some signs that almost suggested that the no nonsense thespian was already living like somebody’s wife with everything at her beck and call.  She moved to highbrow Ajah-Lekki, Lagos neighbourhood before shelling out millions to buy two wondrous autos in less than six months!

The star actress was also said to be putting up a building in that same area that period.  And deliberately upgrading her profile and visibility, she has been in the news lately distancing herself from men and scandals.

She’s again on the lips of her fans and foes after she secretly wedded one of Nigeria’s finest and infectiously popular musician of the 90s (Alex O).

From Imo State, Alex O. Okoroigwe started his musical career as a singer/performer, trained under late veteran Steve Rhodes, the famous Nigerian musicologist and television producer. That was in 1983.  He later joined Lemmy Jackson’s music company working as a production assistant, songwriter, arranger and voice trainer.  One of the forerunners of Nigerian contemporary music, he was in the league of Felix Lebary, Tina Onwudiwe, Alex Zitto, Loraine Okotie…

The handsome singer released his first album in 1988 under Polygram Records (now Premier Music).  He is credited with scores of songs like Nwadanma, Do it in the name of love, Banana, Celebrate, Loving You and Without You, amongst others.

Other than his very popular songs back in the days, his velvety smooth voice, dashing looks, dance steps and swag won him fans in Nigeria and beyond.

Alex O, like many other musicians of the 90s, left our shores as the fortunes of the music industry dwindled significantly as a result of the economic challenges of the era.  His first port of call was Singapore where he performed at big nite clubs, corporate shows, embassies and high commissions.  It was also in this South Asian country he studied digital film and video production.  He later took additional courses in music and audio production techniques.

Alex O also runs Digiaudiovisuals, a digital film, audio-video production and post production services company in Johannesburg, South Africa.  The pop, R n’ B crooner, who released a single entitled Good Old Days (for free download) in 2007 has lived abroad for all of 13 years.

Star of Rough Rider, Save Our Souls, Jealous Lover, True Love and loads of flicks, Oby Edozieh joined Nollywood around 1997 with the movie, Love and Be Cherished.  In her own words, she came into the industry after her lecturer at the Lagos State University, Sola Fosudo gave a note to Zeb Ejiro.  She got her first lead role after her third movie.  And obviously a success in her chosen career, Oby Edozieh, who is also a movie producer is now one of the most sought after faces in the world’s second largest movie industry.  And spending almost 15 years in Nollywood, she has always told whoever cares to listen that Hollywood is where she’s headed.


‘Why we opted for a secret wedding’

  • Oby Alex O Okoroigwe


STAR actress, Oby Gold Edozieh has every reason to be happy.  She’s naturally in a joyous mood after wedding the love of her heart, Alexander Okoroigwe (Alex O).  Opening up on why they opted for a secret court marriage, she simply told ENCOMIUM Weekly in this exclusive interview it was what they actually wanted.  And denying the rumour making the rounds that she’s pregnant, Oby said she only added some eight, while she is now working hard to trim down for the soon to come white wedding. 

She was also brave enough to clear the air on Alex’s marital status before they formalized their union on Friday, December 17, 2011 at the popular Federal Marriage Registry (Ministry of the Interior), Ikoyi, Lagos.


Congratulations on your wedding, Oby Gold Edozieh.

Thank you very much.

When did you get married?

I got married to Alex O (Alex Okoroigwe) on Friday, December 16, 2011.

Where, please?

Ikoyi Registry, Lagos.

Why did you opt for a secret wedding?

That was our choice and our way.

Are you planning any elaborate wedding after this?

Yes, of course.  There would be an elaborate white wedding.

How is your husband, Alex O doing?

He’s fine.  Just that he needs some rest.  His family and friends have been coming since our wedding.

There are Nkiru Sylvanus and Fred Amata in your pictures, who else witnessed your marriage and why did you invite just a few of your friends and colleagues?

Chidi Mokeme, Obi Osotule and Franca Anka were also there.  It was because that’s the best way to make it secret.

So, how does it really feel to be married?

It’s cool.  I’m so, so happy to marry the man of my dream.

And what do you especially like about your husband?


Since your husband now lives and works in the United States and South Africa, and you are based in Nigeria, where would home be?

Home would be Nigeria and the US.

We don’t know if you can also clear the air on Alex O’s marital status before you dated and now married?

Alex has only one wife in this world.  And she is Oby Gold.

It is hard to believe you are not pregnant, Oby?

I’m not pregnant.  I added some weight as you can see, but I will trim down for my white wedding.

We don’t know if you can help us get at least your husband’s one sentence response on how he feels to be married to Nollywood star actress, Oby Gold Edozieh?

Alex feels happy to be married to Oby as a person, not the Nollywood star.  For me, I feel waoh!

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, December 20, 2011


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