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Stories of brides and grooms abandoned at the altar

Abandonment of marriage has not just started. It is getting rampant nowadays, in most cases for no tangible cause.

In most cases, some would be couples may have found out strange things about each other that were not in the picture before their holy matrimony kicked off. This and many more are some of the excuses given by some that have had the experience. ENCOMIUM Weekly presents such cases of abandoned marriages…


  • It happened on their wedding day. The bride-to-be (Toyin) gave birth a couple of days to her wedding ceremony. Her husband-to-be (Uche) was informed about it but did not show up until the wedding day. When he came, he told the family of the bride that he was not the father of the baby because by his calculation, his wife-to-be should give birth months after the wedding.

Despite all efforts to placate him and everything, he left the scene. It was later the bride confessed that he was not the father of her child.


  • It happened in Delta state. Roseline ran out of her wedding midway to her wedding vow and called off the wedding. The 32 year old bride called off her wedding when she saw her old flame who disappeared years back after going to Lagos in search of greener pastures.

Roseline waited for long but the guy never showed up, so she decided to marry another man who was ready though she still loved her former suitor. Her former  lover showed up at the venue of the wedding incognito. The bride ran out of the wedding screaming she was no longer interested.


  • It happened in Kwara state to an ebony-skinned lady, Bukola. She had been dating the guy for three years before they decided to get married. The guy came to know his in-laws and made adequate preparations for their wedding. They picked a day but the groom did not show up. Every attempt to get to the groom proved abortive.

In fact, on one knew the whereabouts of the groom for almost a year after the incident.


  • Adeyemi and his wife fixed a date for their wedding. They invited friends and well-wishers. The wife-to-be, Busatyo was from a wealthy family, she also had a good job. She shouldered 80 percent of the wedding cost. Before they picked a date, she had already rented a two-bedroom apartment and furnished it to taste. Adeyemi was living in the house. Since Busayo would move in with him after their wedding.

On their wedding day, Adeyemi refused to show up. Eventually, they succeeded in getting a call through to his cell phone. A woman’s voice spoke at the other end informing the caller that she was Adeyemi’s wife and Adeyemi had travelled outside the country a couple of days back.


  • Bidemi and Shola dated for years before they decided to take it to the next level. But Bidemi had been smelling a rat. She once accused Shola of double dating. All Shola said and did were irrelevant because Bidemi was not convinced that her groom-to-be was faithful.

Once again, before the wedding, Bidemi accused his man of cheating but she had no evidence just hear say. They were able to forge ahead and fixed a wedding date. On the wedding day, Shola did not show up all through the ceremony. The bride’s father urged the officiating minister to go ahead with the ceremony. It was after the ceremony that Shola showed up and said he just wanted to teach her a lesson. The couple went for church blessing the following Sunday.


  • This happened in 2013. They had their engagement and had put all necessary things in place. They had their bachelor’s eve and the next week was the wedding proper. The couple had a heated argument. The bride accused her husband of sleeping with another lady on his bachelor’s eve. All his friends intervened and denied the allegation but the bride insisted it happened.

As a result, the groom did not show up for the church wedding. He didn’t pick anybody’s call either. He later showed up at the reception.


  • Josephine is the name of the bride. They had their introduction that eventually turned to a mini-engagement. They fixed a date for their wedding and just a few hours to the wedding, the groom called his mother-in-law and told her he wouldn’t be coming for the wedding. He said his own mother no longer supported the union.

The wedding was to take place in Benue state with top dignitaries in attendance, including a former president. Eventually, the wedding did not hold. Rumour had it that the wife had two children outside wedlock. One was even living with the couple-to-be because they were live-in lovers. The lady used to tell her husband-to-be that the 16 year old girl living with them was her sister’s child. Rumour also had it that she was seven years older than the groom. But she didn’t reveal all that to her guy.


  • It happened to a close friend years back. After secondary school, her parents wanted her to marry the principal of her school. She insisted on continuing her education. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t gain admission and she went back to her village. She was forced to marry the principal. On the wedding day, the pastor made an announcement that anybody who does not support the union should stand up. The principal’s former wife stood up with their daughter. She brought a picture of her family with the girl and they both moved to the altar. That was how the wedding was called off.

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