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Strange reasons you are still single

Finding love is something on the mind of many young people. However, so many have to struggle so hard to really find true love. Unknown to you, some seemingly insignificant things could keep you still single for many more years if you do not pay attention to them.

Well, if your attitudes have been worked upon perfectly and you are not held back by the relationships or events of the past, here are other things you should be careful about if you’re tired of staying single.



The extra time you spend on social media platforms being overtly expressive could be the singular unsuspecting reason why you’ve remained unattached despite your efforts

Some have asserted that the activities on your social media could be coming in between you and true love; as much as you can, refrain from posting your political stance on controversial topics

Some relationship experts have suggested that ‘Broadcasting your political views on your social media channels can successfully eliminate any potential suitors with opposing views from making an approach before you have even met, meaning that you may never meet the man/woman of your dreams, all due to one off the cuff remark’

Other young people feel indifferent and wouldn’t mind posting cryptic statuses, such as: ;my life is a total mess, tis been so since my father passed on’, ‘my life is like a black hole, everything good gets swallowed up’, I mean who would want to spend the rest of his or her life with such as a person? Will  you?

As much as human, by default, are empathetic with concerns about if something bad is happening to you but sharing cryptic statuses will do no good.

For the ladies (some guys too), you may not know, however, experts have suggested that posting too many ‘selfies’ can put off potential suitors. This is a time with myriads of front camera applications and selfie sticks, posting too many pictures of you could project you as a self-absorbed or a very narcissistic person. Where your lover is bold enough to approach you, he might be scared that you’ll pay more attentions to taking selfies than on the person sitting by you on a date.



‘My partner must be tall, curvy, fair, a graduate, at least averagely rich, an indigene of my state, etc.’ Many young people are too picky, compiling list of a perfect partner like they have created one somewhere close.

Lucy Jones, relationship expert at shared her opinion about the internet carrying a bulk of the blame for us being too picky.

‘Before the explosion of internet dating and social media, you had just a handful of potential partners. You either ended up dating a friend of a friend, a coworker, or someone you bumped into at the coffee shop. How many potential partners do we have now? Hundreds of thousands!’

She further explains, ‘You get chatting to a guy online, you’re thinking of taking things to the next level and meeting up. He seems great and all, but with so many other profiles out there how can you commit? There are scores of other guys just a few taps away, maths tell us one of them is almost certainly a better fit for you.

‘How do you get over this? By being less picky? Well sort of. You might have access to tens of thousands of single potential partners, but it’s going to take an entire lifetime to judge them all.’

Changing your mind set and choosing to stick with what will make you content, could be all you have to do.


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