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Stressful jobs with little freedom can kill

A new study found that your stressful job might just be killing you. Researchers, after evaluating more than 2,300 people during a seven-year period, observed that employees in high stressed positions with little freedom were likely to die young. It was revealed that putting caution to your job would help you manage stress and living healthy.

Researchers from Indiana Kelley School of Business, USA, sampled 2,363 residents in their 60s. They found that 26 percent of deaths happened with people with service jobs, while 32 percent deaths was recorded in those in manufacturing jobs.

According to the lead author, Erik Gonzalez-Mulé, “These findings suggest that stressful jobs have clear negative consequences for employee health when paired with low freedom in decision-making, while stressful jobs can actually be beneficial to employee health if also paired with freedom in decision-making.”

Researchers claim there are ways  to ease the risks connected with stressful, low freedom jobs. Noting that employees should be allowed to set their own goals.

‘When you don’t have the necessary resources to deal with a demanding job, you do this other stuff. You might eat more, you might smoke, you might engage in some of these things to cope with it,”Gonzalez-Mulé said.

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