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Stretch Hummer used for asylum seekers from London to Manchester

A 16-seat stretch Hummer said to be worth £50,000 was used to transport refugees from London to Manchester (United Kingdom).  It was hired for £3,000 to ferry seven African migrants from Sudan, Iran, Eriteria and Syria from a village hotel to their new accommodation.

The driver claimed the home office would pay for this service as the villagers (in Longford, near Heathrow) say they are overwhelmed by the arrival of these migrants who are mostly young men. 

Longford in West London has become a transit camp for migrants from Calais (France).  The homes used in the village are owned by multi-millionaire businessman, Surinder Arora, 57, who is making thousands of pounds from the deal.

The Home Office said the migrants stay in Longford for two days before they are taken elsewhere . During this time, staff of the hotel attend to them. 

Home Office said their contractors are responsible for the transportation of the migrants and they are not paying for the Hummer. 

The outsourcing firm, Serco has, however, apologized for the inappropriate use of the stretch limousine to transport asylum seekers from their temporary accommodation to Manchester which is about 330 kilometres.

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