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Stunned shoppers witness bizarre protest from ‘world’s grumpiest old woman’

Shoppers in a Croydon (London, the United Kingdom) department store today (September 24) witnessed a bizarre rant from a self-proclaimed grumpiest old woman.  Wearing underwear with pageant sash, she stood at the entrance of Debenhams with a male guard and spoke for about 25 minutes before police intervention.

A shopper said, “She was just saying how she’s really grumpy as it says on the banner across her body and she tried joking but at the end she did say she wasn’t that grumpy. The man with her was acting like her bodyguard.

“There was a crowd of between 50 and 70 people but she didn’t mention her name. Not sure how long she was there for but after I saw her, she was taken away by the police after 25 minutes.”

Met Police said it was not a police incident and Debenhams assured she wouldn’t be a permanent fixture.

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