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SULE ALAO MALAIKA speaks on robbery attack

‘I felt so bad’

FEW days ago, armed robbers attacked fuji music star, Sulaiman Alao Malaika at Adekunle, Ebute Metta, Lagos State.

Information available to ENCOMIUM Weekly revealed that armed bandits numbering three trailed his Volkswagen Touareg jeep to his house at Ondo Street, Ebute Metta, Lagos.  Unknown to them, Malaika was not the one behind the wheels, but his younger brother, Qudus.

They accosted Qudus just as he was about entering the gate, and when it dawned on them that it was not Malaika, they forcefully pushed him back into the jeep and drove away with him.

However, luck ran out on them when they got to Apapa and fuel was exhausted.  They angrily pushed the young man out of the jeep while dispossessing him of all his phones, money and valuables.  In an exclusive chat with the popular fuji act, Malaika shared the experience with us.

We learnt armed robbers attacked you?

The robbers thought I was the person inside the jeep but they found out it was my brother.  I just came in from a meeting, so they traced the vehicle to my house.

How did you hear about the robbery incident?

I got the news shortly after the incident. I quickly traced them with my other car.  I felt so bad. It shows that security is still very slack. I was not injured but my brother was injured and lost phones, money and other things.

Did you report them to the police?

I just reported them to God because I later got my jeep back parked on Apapa Road.


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