Sultry actress, BIOLA IGE narrates ordeal with thyroid

+ ‘What I will miss about my mom’

GIFTED actress, Biola Ige has every reason to be thankful to her Creator.  She is glad she recovered from a near death experience a couple of months back.  She had thyroid related problem and had to be flown to India for treatment.  She lost her dear mother, Mrs. Mary Ige a couple of months after her return from India.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with her about her ordeal, life and times of her mother and sundry issues.

biola ige 2What has been happening to you?  We have not heard from you since you came back from India?

It has been a very difficult situation.  I have been out of the industry for three years.  A lot of new faces have come up since then, but you just have to keep trying.  But I must confess, it has not been easy.

Why did it take three years, why were you away for that long?

I was ill in late 2010, that was when my career started flying. Though, I still worked till 2011, it got to a time that I couldn’t work again.  I went to the hospital, ran a test and I was told it was malaria and typhoid but I didn’t get better.  I was losing weight and it was getting too much, tongues were wagging, some people even alleged I told them somebody was responsible for my illness.

After series of tests, it was discovered that I had thyroid related problem.  That was 2011.  I travelled to India in 2012, by then, I was a shadow of myself. I had lost weight, my skin had changed.  Before travelling, I was only given a visiting visa, so I couldn’t stay enough to complete the required treatment.  I had to come back to Nigeria, and I was placed on medication.  I was able to go back to work anyway.  Staying away for three years was not my intention but the whole process took three years.

How is your state of health now?

I am beautiful now, I am wonderful.  I never believed I could look this great again.  I had ended everything about myself.  I lost myself but I am grateful to God for life and good health.

What are the lessons you learnt from your ordeal?

Never take yourself too serious, put God first, don’t trust friends, they can betray you.  Some of my friends said I had HIV.  Those who said that were friends I drive to school and gave money when they were broke.

What caused your sickness?

It was hormonal problem.  I had excess iodine in my thyroid gland, so the gland was over working itself.

What are you working on presently?

I am trying to get back to business. I am trying to do my own movie, then I will be in Ghana in a week.  I have a script I am working on.  I acted in a movie entitled, Jack and Jill in September 2013.  It was shot in Ghana as well.

biola ige 4What will you say you missed while away from work and Nigeria?

I missed everything – the behind the scene acts, shooting of movies, the talks, the laughs, the people we work with.

Why did you have to go that far before receiving treatment?

I did not get enough information to that effect.  It was after I came back from India I heard I could be treated in Nigeria.  I started here in Nigeria.  The test I did to find out what was wrong, when it was detected, I was given two options, either to operate it or do a radioactive iodine treatment. But I was told by a doctor that no hospital in Nigeria do radioactive iodine treatment.  I got to know when I returned from India that I could do it here. I think we really need enlightenment about a lot of things in Nigeria. I wouldn’t have gone a long way if I knew before I travelled.

How much did you spend on your health?

It was a lot, it took a lot.  I cannot say this is the figure.  I lost everything, I had to sell my car. It took everything I had.  The saddest part was losing my mother.

How were you able to raise the money?

Over the years, I have saved but you spend every day.  When it happened, it was like a bomb. It happened when I was coming up career-wise.  My mother was sick at the same time. One or two people assisted, yet my account was red.  I thank God all the same I am okay now.  I am not begging on the street, I thank God.

Her late mom

Her late mom

Sorry about your mother’s demise, when did it happen?

She died on Sunday, July 28, 2013.  Though, I had recovered by then.  2013 was even a good year for me except for that of my mom.  She was diabetic and hypertensive.  I was taking care of her before I travelled.  I was in Ghana when I received a call that she had passed on.  That was the greatest tragedy. But God knows best.

How old was she?

She was 56.  She was an entrepreneur.  She was selling lace, perfumes and George fabrics.

What did you miss about her?

I miss everything about her.  She was my best friend from childhood.  We talked every two days.  It was really hard to adjust. I am an introvert. I don’t really open up to people as such except my mom.  I will miss her advise, she stood by me when I was sick.

In your last picture you were so fair.  What happened, was it caused by your sickness?

I am naturally fair.  I have never been dark.  I am just taking care of my skin.  After the radiation, my skin came back to normal.  I am not using any bleaching cream. I am using Vitamin E oil and sweet almond oil, I am not bleaching.

Is Biola in a relationship?

A lot of things have happened, anyway that was in the past.  I am not dating now. I have grown over the years and realized that most men want to just get in-between your legs.  The basic things of life are not things money can buy.  I have chosen to be on my own and remain focused.  If the right man comes and he is truly ready to date and not just to have fun, I will have a rethink.

What is the definition of your ideal man?

Is there even an ideal man really?  If I say this person is my ideal man and the person does not like you, what will you do?  He must be intelligent and God fearing.



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