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Super model, DOYIN HAASTRUP OLATOKUNBO speaks on motherhood and career

SUPER model, Doyin Haastrup Olatokunbo is staging a comeback to modeling after a three-year hiatus.  The married runway queen was at the Port Harcourt Fashion Week and the just concluded Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2013, where she dazzled as always. The mother of two children spoke about her comeback and challenges of motherhood.


You were at the Port Harcourt Fashion Week and recently Lagos Fashion and Design Week, is that a way of staging a comeback to modelling?

I only did Port Harcourt and Lagos Fashion and Design Week to show that I am still looking good after two kids.

Why did you even decide to slow down from runway initially and will it be right to say you came back for financial reasons?

I have not done any modeling job since 2011 when I had my second son.  I just decided to spend more time with the children instead.  For the financial aspect, I will say no because modeling is part of me and I love being on the ramp.

With two children (boys) in your marriage, how do you cope?

It is not easy but I thank God for these two precious gifts God gave to me.  The stress I went through in taking care of them alone is enough for me to lose weight.

What kind of parental pressures are you confronted with in the course of travelling for all these fashion shows?

I miss my children a lot when I am at work.  At such times, my husband looks after them and I appreciate his support.

How do you still maintain your slim figure after two children?

People don’t believe me when I say this, but I will say it again. I don’t exercise or diet.  It’s a gradual process after giving birth and with two boys, the stress alone is enough for me to go back to size.

Will it be right to say you married early and how did you actually meet your husband?

I got married at God’s appointed time. I met my husband three years after Face of Africa competition. It was in Nigeria, at the South African Embassy.  I went to the embassy to process my work permit with a friend and it was difficult for us.  We just met this gentleman and he asked us what we were there for.  When we explained to him, he offered to help us and that was how we started.

With your experience in this job, how does one make money strutting the runway?

Modelling is not all about runway, it involves TV commercials, campaigns, editorials, etc.  As a model, you make more from campaigns and TV commercials.  Runway is just to sell yourself.

What are those elements a model should possess?

To be focused, friendly and hard working.

Which show gave you the big break?

Nokia Face of Africa.

What is your impression about models posing nude on runway.  Would you ever support it if the price is right

For one to go nude on the ramp, it’s a personal decision.

Another edition of Pearl Look Modelling Competition is coming, what are the gains of the previous edition?

Our aim is to turn dreams to reality by jump starting the modelling career of young ladies.  To raise models of international standard replete with beauty, poise, character and professionalism that can compete favourably in the global market.  Julia Otobo won the first edition and she is now working with the biggest modelling agency in Africa, Ice Model Management.  Giving back is my dream. I am happy that we are able to achieve it.

What should one expect from the next edition?

Two winners will emerge as the Pearl Look Queen and the Pearl Look Runway Model. The winner of Pearl Look Runway model will be sponsored to South Africa to work with Ice Model Management. She gets a contract with more than N2.5 million in a year and more prizes.  The winner of Pearl Look Beauty Queen will get N1 million and more.  The event is coming up on March 1, 2014, at the Oriental Hotel, Lekki, Lagos.  The event hosts are Tana Adelana and Elikem the Tailor, Big Brother The Chase.  I will like Nigerians to come and experience the best modelling competition.


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