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‘Sure, I will get married at God’s time’ – Baba Dee

DARE Fasasi, better known as Baba Dee is going into politics very soon but maintained his musical career is very much intact.  The elder brother of an equally gifted singer, Sound Sultan, was at ENCOMIUM’s Place on Thursday, August 5, 2010, where he revealed his mission in politics and his desire to settle down soonest as he inches to 40 years.  Baba Dee, who is also releasing his new album opened up on his kind of woman and much more.


What have you been up to?

I just got back to the country.  I have been in Europe, I just finished working on my new album and I also performed a couple of shows.

What is the title of the new album?

It is entitled, Need to Grind.

How many tracks do you have in it?

It’s a 12-track album.

When should we be expecting it?

Before the year runs out.

Can you tell us the artists you worked with in the album?

I worked with a couple of artists like Sound Sultan, Lambo the Virus, Durella, Chuddy and a couple of others.

You’ve been into music for how many years now?

I started singing professionally in 1995, that’s about 15 years.

Why do you want to go into politics?

I am not going into politics, every human being is political in nature.  It depends on the role you want to play. I am trying to infuse the knowledge I have acquired over the years and I am going for the Lagos State House of Assembly.  I want to help make laws that would be beneficial to the Nigerian youths. I represent Nigeria youth which happens to be a larger constituency of the population of Nigeria and I think if we have people with like minds, knowledge and aspirations to make laws that would be favourable to the entire youths and the country at large there would be an improvement.  That is why I am aspiring to be a lawmaker. I am contesting under Action Congress.

Mention some things you intend doing if you win?

We are not chasing any agenda, we want to create a welfare structure with the help of public and private sector to create welfare schemes for the unemployed Nigerian youths, and also to empower them realize it is not until the government comes or does something.  We want to create an enabling environment by making the right laws, so that the private sector and individual efforts can flourish.  It might be very hard because of the electricity problem, but we plan and pray to succeed.

Don’t you think politics would affect your musical career?

I am doing it to prove that Nigerians should be scared of professional politicians, if a person hasn’t distinguished himself in a particular field and is coming to say I want to be a leader, he should not be given the chance.  Anyone aspiring for public office should have something credible.  He or she should set a record, I don’t intend dropping music. I am dropping my album soon and it is not a day’s job to drop an album. I have been working for the past one year on the album.

Tell us about your educational background.

I attended the University of Ibadan, studied Theatre Arts.  I am a beneficiary of the universal primary education scheme under the leadership of Awolowo so I understand the importance of giving someone the opportunity.  I was given the opportunity.

What district are you contesting for?

Oriade local government. I have lived there for over 30 years.

How old are you?

I am in my mid-30s.

Are you married?

I intend to very soon, hopefully.

Are you in a relationship?

I don’t know, but I am steady.

Do you have role models?

Baba Dee

Baba Dee

I don’t have role models, but I have people who inspire me.  Barack Obama has achieved something extraordinary.  Governor Raji Fashola and Bola Ahmed Tinubu also inspire me a lot.  Fashola is relentless and Tinubu set the progress in motion.  I stand out to achieve something reasonable, that’s why I am in Lagos.

How do you get inspired?

Life gives me inspiration, beautiful people also. I write better when I get to do other things. I thank God I can travel around today.  My exposure also influences my kind of music, I am not limited to my environment.

Mention some awards you have won?

I have won a whole lot, the Fame Music Award, Hip-Hop World Award, Nigeria Music Awards and a lot more.

What kind of relationship do you have with Sound Sultan?

He’s my colleague, brother and blood.  It makes us cool.  We are also co-owners of Nija Ninja.

Tell us about your family.

My parents, Alhaji and Alhaja Fasasi, are late but they were very supportive, they also gave us education.  I am from a family of six, everyone is doing very well individually, two of my sisters are married and the other one that is not married stays with me.  I am the first son and second child of the family of three boys and three girls.

What advice do you have for youths?

The situation in the country can either make you strong or break you.  Your destiny lies in your hands, be realistic and get education, no matter what you want to do.

Do you think the music industry is improving?

The talents are improving but the industry is not improving.  We have more talented people, the structure is not there.  Also royalties are not paid, the day you stop singing, your career stops and there is no retirement benefit.  It is not a pensionable job, that is why I want to be in the House of Assembly because we know the problems the youths face, we know what to be done to reposition those people. You can’t apply the solutions of 1994 to the problems in 2010, you have to apply the solution of 2013 to the problem of 2010.  We have to be ahead.

How do you relax?

I go out sometimes but there are places I like to hang out, like the beach. I also write but its not relaxing, I write poetry, drama and prose.  I don’t think my job is stressful because when I am acting, I enjoy it and when I am singing, I enjoy it too. I love what I do.

What kind of relationship do you have with your fans?

I have a very good relationship with them, I even have married women as my fans. I have people that do not even know I am a musician. I try to be very nice to them.

How did you come about the name Baba Dee?

It used to be Daddy Dee, I created it but people called me Ninja in school.

Mention some artists in Nija Ninja?

We signed on Nyore, Nigeria’s hottest dancehall, very talented.  Her album will be out by the end of the year also we have Excel and we are also working on Nija Ninja album, so a lot of albums will be out by the end of the year.


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