Susan Chanel speaks excitedly about skin treatment

Susan Chanel is a graduate of Psychology from University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos. It was patriotism that led her to skin treatment after watching a documentary that explained why women of the Philippines have the best skin in the whole world.

In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly the Calabar woman born in Lagos gave tips on skin care and much more.

How did the journey into skin business start?

What really prompted my going into beauty industry is when I was watching a documentary and saw that Filipinos women have the best skin in the whole world. It gave me concern and I thought for a while and asked myself what contribution I could offer to my own country, Nigeria, because I was really impressed with their skin.

I went into research on what could bring out that confidence in a woman in terms of skin. That made me go for a course in skin treatment because good skin brings out that vital confidence in a way your ego would be boosted.

How would you describe the experience so far?

The experience has been awesome since I started and the response has also been encouraging. It has been God all the way.

chanelWhere did you train for what you do?

I did a distance learning course with Elizabeth Beauty School in South Africa on skin therapy and skin treatment where I obtained a diploma in skin treatment.

Tell us the range of services on offer?

Susan Chanel is known for beauty skin. We are into skin treatment, body enhancement, breast firming, vaginal tightening, etc. We have cream for white patches, pimples and acne scar. We also have cream for sun burn, stretch marks and skin or body disorders.

How long have you been into business?

I have been in the industry for one year but from the responses it looks like I have been in for 10 years.

What are the things that separate your outfit from others?

Susan Chanel Beauty product is your one stop spot for that embarrassing dark knuckle, acne, pimples. We clear off your sun burn in just three days, we make an average Nigerian lady’s skin spotless. With our brand, you can clear your stretch marks, especially those caused by cream. We are good at what we do.

Who are your target audience/clients?

We have celebrities as our clients, we have gotten customers as far as USA, UK, Ghana. It has cut across the globe. The product speaks for itself and we really want to be known everywhere in the world.

How price friendly are you?

It is very reasonable compared with the result you get in few days. Our products are purely herbal, we are not going to break the bank but the product worths more.

Tell us about yourself, growing up and educational background?

I am the third in a family of five, a native of Calabar, Cross River State, I have spent all my life here in Lagos because I was born and bred in Lagos, Ikeja area, a product of University of Lagos and I am a psychologist.

Some people are of the opinion that you cannot get rid of stretch marks, is it true?

It depends on the kind of stretch marks. You can get rid of stretch marks when you know the basics of what to use and that is why we recommend Susan Chanel stretch marks cream and soap. With this brand, you can clear off your stretch marks and that is what makes us totally different from others.

We have a natural way to fade away stretch marks, especially those caused by bleaching cream. You don’t need to bleach to look good. When you know Chanel, you know she is good at treating the skin.

A lot of ladies nowadays have turned to bleaching, how healthy is bleaching for the skin?

Bleaching has side effects such as cancer, dark knuckle, acne, skin burn and others. Toning is healthy if the product is purely herbal like lemon for skin whitening, carrots, sea salt also for skin whitening for spa and others. When you have a product that contains this, you wouldn’t look bleached yet you get a good result.


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