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–   Sales staff take over Sylvia’s Hair


FORMER Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Sylvia Nduka seems to have withdrawn to her shell, as the rumour of her romance with Africa’s richest tycoon, Alhaji Aliko Dangote spreads.  A social butterfly per excellence before she was caught up in the web of an alleged affair with the billionaire mogul, pretty Sylvia, now rarely attends social functions or even close friends’ and associates’ events. She also seldom hangs out at night these days.

And confirming this development, some of her friends are equally worried she now keeps to herself.  “Since the rumour of Sylvia’s romance with Dangote started circulating, she has not been sighted at any major event. I guess she’s tactically avoiding the public.  She must also have scaled down her social activities on personal ground,” a friend of hers who wished not to be mentioned said.

“Although Sylvia Nduka is not really a loud person, she has been avoiding very high profile private gigs, she never missed in the past. I know about two, three private parties she missed lately, though she was in town. She has obviously slowed down.”

The serial entrepreneur has equally deserted her Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere, Lagos hair accessory mall, Sylvia Hair.  The Anambra born ex-beauty queen, was nowhere to be found a couple of times our reporters called there.

On one occasion, ENCOMIUM Weekly met some of her sales girls who also double as front office executives.  They explained their boss was not on seat and might not even entertain notes informing her we visited.

One of them, however, later collected the note from us which probably prompted her (Sylvia) to call us days after.

We scooped that Sylvia’s Hair is now run by her staffers since she’s equally engaged in some other businesses.   Sylvia’s Hair, on an expansive and intimidating property in highbrow Surulere, Lagos, is said to be one of the dividends of Ms Nduka’s affair with a man.  Though she had repeatedly told ENCOMIUM Weekly no man helped her to finance the fast-growing business.

Another source also revealed that Sylvia who loves to globe-throttle might not even be in town.

030812-global-african-billionaires-Aliko-Dangote-001Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, 57, and former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Sylvia Nduka, 25, have refused to dignify the hot rumour that they are in a sizzling romance that is altar-bound.

Not really in a hurry to debunk or confirm the romance, the ex-beauty queen had only promised she would respond at the appropriate time. She equally gave us an interview appointment on Monday, May 25, 2015 which didn’t pan out.

ENCOMIUM Weekly’s effort to hear from Alhaji Dangote since the news broke has also not been fruitful.

Calls we put across to Dangote Group’s spokesman, Mr. Tony Chiejina were not responded to.  Even the SMS we sent on Sunday, May 24, 2015 was not responded to.

“Good morning sir, how’s work?  Recently, the social media was awash with stories alleging that Chairman/GMD, Dangote Group, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, GCON, is enjoying a sizzling romance with former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN), Miss Sylvia Nduka.  The report even had it that the lady in question is doing everything, including converting to Islam, to marry Africa’s richest man.  ENCOMIUM Weekly in its tradition of balanced reporting and fair hearing, wants your reaction to this allegation.  Thanks sir, as we look forward to your response before press time.”  We also called Mr. Chiejina on Monday, June 8, 2015.

It was, however, rumoured last week that the alleged romance between billionaire mogul and former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Sylvia Nduka has crashed!

Sources said the affair that made the rounds days back packed up after the ex beauty queen leaked it through the social media.  They said Dangote was pissed off by the development and withdrew to his shell, leaving Sylvia badly heartbroken.

Arguably the hottest gist in town, the story of the sizzling romance between the 2011Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria winner, Sylvia Nduka and Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote generated quite some interest, especially when the man Aliko Dangote does not have any woman in his home.

It was reported that the ex-beauty queen, did not just love the relationship but had also agreed to the tenets of Islam by beginning to wear hijab.  Sylvia also updated her name on Instagram as Sylvia Nduka AD, meaning Aliko Dangote.

Although the affair was still shrouded in utmost secrecy to the public,it was gathered  that the beauty queen has totally captured the heart of the man of means.  The relationship which allegedly kicked off shortly after Sylvia’s reign in 2012 had metamorphosed into a serious affair that had the billionaire pumping millions into Sylvia’s life and business.

Sylvia’s billionaire lover really changed her life in an amazing way. She was said to have full control of Dangote’s private jet and flies in and out of the country on constant short trips abroad.

“On many occasions she jets into Dubai and lodges in executive suites in Burj Arab!  Like a big girl that she is, she cruises around town in white Range Rover Sports, a gift bestowed on her by her benefactor,” the source claimed.

It was even thought the relationship will lead to the altar.  Not only did Sylvia’s life changed dramatically over the years, her mode of dressing also witnessed a drastic change. Insiders noted the lovers were quite serious.

Sylvia was allegedly spotted on several occasions dressing like a Muslim!

But Dangote is allegedly not happy with Sylvia.  Insiders, however, said she’s doing everything to win back his heart.

“She wanted to be Mrs. Dangote so bad and she is willing to do anything but this latest stunt has backfired. Dude won’t pick her call but she is trying hard and very soon he will forgive her because they have something special and she lied to him that she was not behind the leak.  The only problem is that she is just a small fish considering the calibre of women who make you,” a source said.

Right now, both Dangote and Sylvia have declined comments on the romance and marriage rumour still on the lips of many.  Sylvia only asked to be left alone, when we called her again on Wednesday, June 3, 2014.

Like we reported last week, many serious minds have dismissed the Dangote/Sylvia romance as far-fetched. They even claimed that both have never met, not to talk of being friends. In fact, they ruled out the possibility of them being lovers. We were also informed that apart from the private jet she posed on not being Dangote’s, the pictures of Sylvia Nduka in hijab were fun pictures she took in Dubai.

Not a few, however, suspects Sylvia’s silence on the alleged romance that has since gone viral on the blogsphere.

–               UCHE OLEHI

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