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Sympathy for Toke Makinwa over mind boggling revelations

on-becomingThe revelations contained in on air personality Toke Makinwa’s tell-all book, On Becoming, is eliciting sympathy across the land.
Her confession of contracting a sexually transmitted infection from her husband of 18 months, Maje Ayida, learning about his other woman and more found pity from many quarters.
Here are some views on the new book launched on Sunday, November 27…

amaraorjii: This Toke s story is the plight of so many married women especially in African where the culture keeps women at the receiving end. A man cheats, its expected and condoned. A married man has a baby with a whore, the wife of the man is expected to gladly accept the baby and raise. God forbid! I will never raise my son and daughter this way.





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