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‘Tonto Dikeh and I are just friends’ -Solidstar

Joshua Iniyezo, popularly known as Solidstar is arguable one of the most talked about music artists in Nigeria. He came to limelight when he featured 2Face Idibia on his One in a million track and since then he hasn’t stopped doing good music.

The Ajegunle born afro pop musician in a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly told us how his career started, his relationship with Tonto Dike and much more.


Who is Solidstar?



My name is Joshua Iniyezo, aka Solidstar, a musician from Nigeria.

How did your journey into music start?

It started way back in Ajegunle. My late grandmother had a white garment church, so,I used to sing there. After secondary school, I took music as a career.

How long have you been doing music professionally?

I have been in the music industry for about five years now.

When would you say you had a big break in your music career?

Though I picked up when my single, One in a million with 2Face was released but the point I felt people started feeling Solidstar was from 2011.

What does music mean to you?

Music means a lot of things to me. I enjoy doing music because I have passion for it. Music is something I was born to do. Music is life to me. Music gives joy. Music is everything to me.

Behind every song, there is a story and source of inspiration, what inspires your music?

Many things inspire me. I gather stories from people around me. My songs relate to many things and atimes some aspects of life. Basically, my environment and everything around me inspire my music.

What type of music do you do?

I am a versatile artiste. I do every type of music but I enjoy doing afro pop.

There was a time it was in the news that you acquired two landed properties in Festac Town valued at N31 million, how true is it?

It is true, I got the land because I might be going into real estate. So, I decided to start with that. I think it is a good way to start. When God blesses me more, I intend to start big with it.

We also heard about your N7 million SUV, how true is that too?

Yes, I got a SUV recently, it is true.

How many albums so far?

I released my first album in 2009, entitled One in a million, since then I have not dropped any other album. Right now, I am working on another album to be released very soon, let’s say September. The title is Grace and Glory.

Who are the artists you haven’t worked with and you still love to work with?

I would like to work with Omawumi. I like her voice so much, Tiwa Savage and Waje, I love their voices. I would always want to work with 2Face, though I have worked with him before. I would also like to work with Banky W.

Who are your role models in the industry both internationally and locally?

Internationally, I love listening to R Kelly. I look up to him. I also like Kevin Little and then in Africa, I’ll say 2Face idibia.

As one of the hottest music artists in Nigeria, ladies would always come around, how do you cope with female admirers?

They come every day. There is a certain level of maturity I apply when dealing with them. I always try to make them feel comfortable, because without them, there will be no me. They are part of my career and success. I chill with them, I play with them, nothing attached.

At a point, there were pictures all over the internet and there were speculations that you were dating Tonto Dike, is this true?

(Laughs) Tonto Dike and I are very close friends. Those pictures are normal, I don’t know why people think we are dating. We are just friends and nothing more. We did a song together entitled Sheba.

So, are you in a relationship?

I am not in a relationship for now. I am trying to face my career for now. The special woman would still come, but for now, I want to face my music.

Do you think your song, One in a million with 2Face gave you the platform to build your career?

One in a million introduced me to the industry. 2face supported me a lot, but I won’t say that was the song that really got me where I am now, but the song introduced me to the industry, the song that really took me to where I am now is Skibo. It is my biggest song for now.

What record label are you signed on?

I am signed on to Achievas Music. I have been there for about seven years now.

What is your relationship with other music artists?

I have a good relationship with everyone. Whenever we meet at events, I relate with them normally because we are musicians and there is no time to boast to anyone. We are in the same hustle together.

With the way the music industry is now, a lot of new talents are discovered every day, how do you intend to stay atop of your game?

Many artists come and fall along the line. I started with a lot of people and they are not here anymore but I am here. I am happy for the new talents and artists coming into the music industry, but they are not a threat to me, because I know what I am doing.

How did you come about the name, Solidstar?

The name was given to me by my late grandmother. She was a prophetess. She just told me one day that I have a very great star. So, when I took music as a career and people started appreciating me, I thought to myself that this star must be a great one, so I just added Solid to it, thus Solidstar.

Where do you see Solidstar as a brand in five years?

I know I will be on top of my game.


This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday,June 25, 2013



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