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Taiwo Oshadipe’s last hours: ‘I am still speechless’ – Bukola Oshadipe

ON Saturday, October 4, 2014, we paid the family another visit at their place at 34, Jibowu Road, Abule Egba, Lagos residence. It was a two block of 3-bedroom flats which belongs to them. Their parents live in one flat while they lodge at the other one.

The house is still under construction as the ground floor has been decked and work on the storey building is still going on.

late Taiwo Oshaipe

late Taiwo Oshadipe

We met their parents inconsolable. We were informed that the family has taken Kehinde away to an undisclosed destination. We saw their eldest sister, and amidst pressure she could only utter few words.

Sorry about the loss.

Thank you.

How did it happen?

She was actually sick but has recovered.  But sadly, we lost her.

What’s the plan for burial?

Her remains have been deposited at the morgue but by Monday when they release the corpse to us, we will decide on the burial plans.

What about Kehinde?

She has been taken away by our family members.

What about mum and dad?

There they are in the living room surrounded by family and associates.  They have been inconsolable since Friday.  Please, I am too speechless to say anything again.


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