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Talent meets Eruditon as Flavour consults Prof. Johnbull in Episode 5

It was a sublime interplay of wit, talent , jocundity, erudition and good parenting as highlife crooner, Flavour Nabania, tried acting for size in the fifth episode of Professor Johnbull, the star-studded TV drama series sponsored by Globacom.

The episode was broadcast last Tuesday night at 8.30 p.m. on NTA Network, NTA International Channel 251 on DSTV and Startimes.

The episode entitled “A Good Flavour” opened as a star-struck Abednego, the recharge card seller cum gateman, ushered Flavour to Professor Johnbull’s abode where he disclosed his mission of coming to “seek your (Professor Johnbull’s) intelligence to christen my next album”. This was amidst some verbal volleys with which Professor Johnbull welcomed him.

The reception of Flavour by the crew members was vintage: Churchill, the wanna-be son of Professor Johnbull was beside himself with joy when he saw Flavour and Eliza, the daughter, gave him a tight hug while Caro (Mercy Johnson), Professor Johnbull’s maid swooned and fainted on sighting the megastar.

The trio of Flash, Samson (Ogus Baba) and Jumoke brought out the feelings of “the proximate people,” some of whom had doubts about the authenticity of Flavour’s arrival in town, remembering an earlier D’banj hoax.

A courtyard performance on the keyboard by Flavour, however, dispelled their doubts as they danced to an instrumental version of the theme song for the drama series, Professor Johnbull.

Flavour’s visit to Professor Johnbull’s house was also used to teach people not to take everything they see on television hook, line and sinker as the megastar disclosed he was a shy person and explained the difference between showbiz and reality to  an over-awed Caro and Eliza who desired to know the man behind the mask.

The laziness and unwillingness usually exhibited by some male children  towards undertaking household chores was criticized in the episode through juxtaposing Churchill’s unwillingness to clear the dirt drops while entertaining his girlfriend with Flavour’s earlier cleaning the dining table when he mistakenly spilled water whilst eating.

Making his pronouncement on the matter, Professor Johnbull (Kanayo O. Kanayo) insisted on Churchill cleaning his rubbish and practicing the Engineering profession which he sent him to school to study, averring “Don’t be silly! None of my children will be a wanna-be!”   He concluded by saying that “as a father, I know I have to take charge and inculcate humility”. He urged parents not to abdicate their role of bringing up humble, respectful children who will add value to families, society  and the nation at large.


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