Talented designers @ LFDW x-ray their future (1)

‘Why I dumped law for fashion’-   BUSOLA BAMISILE, Creative Director, Orente Ayaoba

Busola Bamisile

Busola Bamisile

BUSOLA Bamisile dumped her profession in law to pursue her passion which is fashion.  Her trademark is beautiful women designs made with patterns.  She paraded her works on Day 1 of the 2013 Lagos Fashion and Design Week.

What are the names of your collections?

They are Summer 2014 Collections.  They come with a lot of patterns because I enjoy patterns.  I mix few things with patterns and they come out nice.

You were emotional on stage, is this your first time out?

No, I have done fashion shows outside Nigeria.  Trinidad and Tobago.  I was a bit emotional on stage because I was overwhelmed with joy.  It has been a long road to where I am today, working so hard, and then seeing everything come alive.  The ovation, the applause and all that made me emotional.

How long have you been a designer?

I am a lawyer.  I deal in Intellectual Property.  But it got to a stage I became tired because my passion is fashion.  I decided to pursue it eight years ago, and here we are today.

So, you dumped law for fashion?

I decided to leave law after my Masters degree in England when I came back to Nigeria.

Your brand name is very unique, how did you come about it?

My brand name, Orente Ayaoba, is from my dad. It is all about the lifestyle of a king’s wife.  When I was young, my dad used to call me that name.  He is late now.  I just wanted to use that name to honour him.  Again, if you see my designs there are some forms of ethnicity, eclectic and elegant styles.  So, it is all eclectic and elegant.

What motivated you into this business?

It’s my passion. I love to do it.  It’s not all about the money but about what I love to do, the time and the feedbacks.  It’s my passion, I love it and I dream it.

Where are the inspirations coming from?

I am a deep person, anything that comes to my mind I put it down and create something with it.

Are those collections affordable?

We reach out to the bourgeoisies and aristocrats, we are for everybody.  It is all about your own fabric, when you bring them we make something for you.  Once we know your budget, we work with it.

What type of fabrics do you love working with?

Patterns, I love patterns. I love fabrics that are lighter, I love chiffon. I am very dynamic though, I may love all that today but tomorrow it may be something different.



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  1. Orente is dedicated and very hardworking… Her showcased collection and attention to details made it stand out! Fabulous

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