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Teju Oyelakin/Tobi Banjoko engagement ceremony – Couple’s parents, comedian colleagues talk about the Thursday, August 30, 2012 event

GIFTED comedian and host of popular TV show, Teju Babyface Show, Gbadewonuola Olateju Oyelakin began his marriage proceedings to beau, Oluwatobiloba Oriyomi Banjoko, with a colourful engagement/traditional ceremony.  The event held on Thursday, August 30, 2012, at 10 Degrees Event, Oregun, Lagos, is a prelude to the main event which is the church wedding on Saturday, September 1, 2012.  As at 12 noon when the event scheduled to kick off, friends of the popular comedian and that of his wife’s had filled up the arena.  The two families were fully ready for the event and it started by the reading of the proposal letter and the acceptance.  Other traditional rites followed suit before they were pronounced husband and wife later in the afternoon.

The event venue came alive when Afrojuju creator, Sir Shina Peters mounted the stage to dish out beautiful songs of yesterday and today.  Evangelist Ebenezer Obey Fabiyi took over later in the night and everyone was on their feet as the Decross Gospel Church senior pastor went back to his old self with his miliki flavour.

Teju Oyelakin’s father, Prince Gbadegesin Oyelakin is late but Mr. Olasope Oyelakin was there to fill the void.  He just came into town from the US because of the wedding. He spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly about the ceremony, likewise Mrs. Yemisi Oyelakin and parents of the bride, Mr. Olawale and Mrs. Kehinde Banjoko.


‘Playing Teju father’s role is a privilege’

  • Olasope Oyelakin

Briefly tell us about yourself.

I am Olasope Oyelakin, I am based in the US.  The father of the bridegroom, Prince Jacob Gbadegesin Oyelakin and I grew up from infancy and we have been together all through. The friendship and brotherhood between us sustained us and I am happy that all our children have come of age.

You played the role of Teju’s father, how important is that to you?

It’s a privilege for me to be alive, I regret that my brother is not with me today. But all the same, life goes on.  Prince Jacob Gbadegesin Oyelakin is alive in our midst, no doubt and he is blessed with the remedy for immortality in terms of his children. God will bless Teju and his wife so that they can continue where my brother stopped.

As an elder, how will you love to advice them?

The best advice to them is to always cultivate friendship, love each other and all the blessings in marriage shall be added on to them.  Both are adults already, so I cannot be telling them how to manage their resources.

What is your wish for them?

Long life and prosperity and happy children so that they can continue the tradition that is handed over to them.


‘My joy knows no bound’

  • Oluyemisi Oyelakin

What is your advice to the newly wed?

To move closer to God, their creator.

What about your wish for them?

To continue to succeed in life, have long life and prosperity so that they will do this type of ceremony for their own children.

Will you like to tell us your impression about how the ceremony went?

It went well, my joy knows no bound. I am blessed because God has done gracious things for me and my family.

How will you describe Teju’s upbringing?

Right from birth Gbadewonuola has been a blessed child and he will continue to be a blessed child.

What do you do now?

Right now I am a full-time housewife.


‘I am happy to be alive’

  • Olawale Banjoko

First, tell us about yourself and what you do?

I am a retired Customs officer, my name is Mr. Olawale Banjoko.

How do you feel about the ceremony?

I am a happy man that my daughter got married today and I am alive.

What is your impression about your son-in-law, Teju?

They are all my children, both Teju and my daughter. It’s God that has joined them and nobody can separate them.  So, we the family should give them the space to enjoy themselves.

What is your advice to them?

They should be friends, they should commit their dealings into the hands of God and they should be prayerful. I wish them the best in life.


‘I knew they will become one from the onset’

  • Kehinde Banjoko

How will you describe your daughter, Tobi?

She is a very good girl, I love her so much.  When I was sick, I was paralysed for sometime, she stood by me helping me, I pray God bless her and the husband, Teju.

Your children resemble one another, what’s so special about Tobi?

All of them are special, you know Tobi is a model. I adviced her to become a model when she told me she wanted to, because I saw the potential in her.

What is your impression about Teju?

He is also a good person, he is a man of the people.  That’s why you can see a lot of people around him today.

When your daughter brought him to you, what was your initial reaction?

No objection about their relationship. In fact, I encouraged my daughter to go ahead with it.

What’s your wish for them?

God’s blessings and many children. The Lord will be with them in the journey.

What do you do?

I am a full-time housewife.


‘I am proud of them’

  • Tunde Adewale, Tee A

How will you describe Teju and his wife?

Teju is more like my mother’s son as well, so we are siblings.  I am happy for him, we used to do things together in my house and finally he has gotten married.  So, it’s from boys to men.  It’s a thing of joy and I wish him all the best in life.  I am very proud of both husband and wife.

Which role are you playing in the whole ceremony?

I am the RSVP on the invitation card.

How do you want to advice them?

God first in everything they do.  Marriage is a thing ordained by God, so they should put God first in all their dealings.


‘It’s a beautiful union’

  • Owen Gee

How will you describe the ceremony, how it all went?

It’s a beautiful ceremony. It’s a normal thing that man must leave his mother and father and marry.  There comes a time in one’s life that you have to marry and Teju has finally come of age and that time is now for him.  He married somebody who is not only God fearing and beautiful, but a home maker.  It’s a wonderful honour to be here for him.

You have seen it all in marriage, so how will you want to advice the couple?

It’s a wonderful experience, don’t listen to third party, depend only on God.  Love each other like never before.  Act like every day is a honeymoon and you will have a fantastic marriage.


‘The secrets of successful marriage is patient and prayers’

  • Bunmi Davies

How will you describe Teju and his wife?

The two are wonderful, both as a couple now and as individuals.  Teju is lucky that a huge chunk of his friends are slightly older than him, so he has gained a lot of experience from them all.

With your experience in marriage, how will you want to advice them?

Teju was my best man in 2006, when I got married.  There is no secret to it, the key word is patient and prayers. They have to be patient because their line of thoughts will be different.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, September 5, 2012

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