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Tempers high as Genevieve’s cancelled wedding floods the Internet

Disbelief reigns as the rumoured cancellation of the wedding of star actress Genevieve Nnaji and international basketball agent Ugochukwu Udezue flooded the Internet in the last few hours.

Tales that the nuptials fixed for Milan (Italy) about two weeks ago was called off by the groom who was irked that the popular thespian wanted a very secret union which excluded  her family members have led to bewilderment.

With a handful of friends already assembled, the rumour claimed that the father of four children suddenly called off the wedding as his own father couldn’t understand why the actress (who has a grown up daughter) was being so secretive.

Here are some of the views expressed on the tale…
  • mizbaroI don’t believe this gist one bit…
  • mizbaroThis gist no get beginning and ending… Fake written all over it… Doesn’t make any sense…. Na that one dey call off wedding,,, Mtcheeeew@nazneen1010
  • chrisosemeneNot believing this@taioben
  • whisky_eguono_merit.. u on believe
  • theafroattorneyVery stupid story and if true very stupid reasons. She’s better off without such a man tbh.@eerinmide@chyomarr
  • deee_jjkIgbo men humbling girls since 1786 AD 😥😥😥
  • elachinaomi@vivianny_mercy_christianwith your ugly, cheap, tacky looking cake that looks just like yourself. Let’s not even talk about the dirty background! You get mouth to talk? The nerve of girls like your type😡😡😡😡
  • iamkingdasilver@toluwahhmmm Iya mi o. Ori e o fariwo 🙌🙌🙌
  • amazingalero@vivianny_mercy_christianHow can you say such about a fellow woman? . I am disappointed at your insensitivity . Black women bringing themselves down since BC(before Christ)
  • chinny_babby@bennietaham jst seeing d tag sef… so d bebe geh wants to drag you in2 SM fight 😂😂😂 isi adiro d gurl mma… As 4 dis story pple should calm down n mind their businesses. Who extravagant abi large wedding epp??? If she wants to do d wedding in front of jst 2 pple n d priest how does that reduce the price of rice? The prize of fame I don’t envy her. Can’t deal😞😞😞
  • evablazznLmao, they even know her location. “No place to hide 1&2”. Fame costs a lot!
  • cynthia_ishHmmmm! You people are such terrible liars! You guys can lie for Africa! God will punish all ye liars who goes to any length to concoct stories and peddle the dumbest lies!
  • teddytreshI don’t believe this though.. I also think people should mind their business
  • toluwah@iamkingdasilveryes na abi na lie ni
  • cjiokayI didn’t know she needed husband o. Thought she was good by herself.😂
  • chyomarrSee the way they scripted story to make her look like an old maiden desperate for d marriage.@theafroattorneyand yh wasn’t enough reason to call it off
  • cynthia_ish@naijanewsso you calling her a witch for her choice to be unmarried yet?! Wow! This your hatred and unparalleled bitterness against our amiable, elegant, independent, classy, rich and famous role model must be almost destroying you so much so that it might just send you to your early grave! Word of advice: Bitterness and hate kills…so do yourself a whole world of good and rid yourself of it. Besides life research has shown that people who are quick to brand others as witch are actually the real witches, so that leaves me wondering about what you truly are…
  • mz_hottie_toh_badWots all dis shit wit secret marriage every where wit actress
  • cynthia_ishIt’s ironic that most of those people who are happy about this fake news because they desire to see others fail or unhappy are those whose lives don’t even could and so the only thing that they live for is to tear others down and are desperate to hear sad news about others. All ye ladies who are dropping hate comments and condemning Genny for being single (because it’s a sin to be single, or because you people are so worthless that you feel the only worth of a woman or what defines a woman is a man as her husband) sadly are not even married and hopelessly single because with how ugly and tacky they are looking in this jet age no man would even mistakenly look their way, and I bet the few married ones are frustrated house wives who have no idea what their purpose here on earth is for, they are nothing on earth but I total waste of space. They are broke and always thinks that the only way to escape from their generational poverty is by running under a man’s roof only to learn in a hard way that a man doesn’t make you rich neither does being married make you fulfilled but rather it’s just one of the things that is worth having and it’s only worth it if it brings you joy and not pains, if it complements your purpose if you take your time to meet the right one for you no matter how long it takes than hurry into it because of people’s expectations and it destroys your whole essence.
  • nikky_doveThat’s her own problem not mine👌
  • chifeb09How can she prefer her friends to her family being present on her wedding day? And still did not want the guy’s folks to be there too? There really must be something wrong somewhere. Doesn’t sound realistic though.
  • haja_csay@cynthia_ishno we pity your own life, what’s with the novel over a celebrity

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