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Tension mounts as Nigerians await Buhari’s return

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Nigerians have reacted to the news of the possible return of ailing President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday July 27, 2017.
Since reported, many Nigerians have been asking questions as to how no particular ailment was diagnosed, not to talk of being treated, why the president will be flown back home despite his ailing health, and why no cure was found for his sickness. Encomium Weekly sought the opinion of Nigerians on their expectations from the President when he returns.
Here are their responses:
The fact is that we have been hearing of his return for long now. He should come back if he’s fit, I will likely advise him to stay back because I heard he is not strong enough but the UK doctors just want to discharge him. Even if he wants to still come back, he should just resign.
I don’t care if he returns or not. President or no president, we have been in good shape without him. This is not the first time we are hearing about this rumour. He should just come back and resign or form an interim government for peace to reign.
I am very much pleased with this new info but we just hope the UK doctors are not faking it because we have been hearing this news of his return from every angle. The UK doctors said they are discharging him, I don’t think he can continue. My little advice is for him to quickly come back and resign.
Buhari’s return is no news any longer to us, we are not surprised. What I have to say is that God should grant him journey mercies back to Nigeria, so that he can come and continue from where he stopped. If he will not be rushed back to the UK any longer. I advice he should stay back and put himself in order before coming to Nigeria because I learnt he is not fully recovered from his undisclosed ailment.
He should return if he likes, but all I know is that Buhari is on life support. My advice to Nigerians is that he should be voted out, so that he will not die on seat just like Yar’Adua.
Let us wait till then and see because he is not coming back. The guy has lost consciousness. Thursday is at the corner already. We shall see.
When he returns, my advice to him is for him to resign.
What would I say than thank you, Lord. All I wish him is good health and I also want him to return to the country safely and resign. I pray his case will not be like Yar’Adua’s.
UK doctors have already said it, let us wait till then before we would start jubilating.
We have been hearing that for a while now, but if truly he is coming back next week, I thank God for his life. And I hope when he returns, he would just tender his resignation letter in order to take good care of himself. I know his people won’t want him to do so, but none of them is going through what the poor old man is going through now. I wish him well and I wish every Nigerian well as well.
What more should we expect from him when he is still surrounded by wolves? His health is not a bigger issue compared to those he governs the country with. If a king is sick but he has good and God-fearing cabinet members, it won’t have a negative impact on his subjects. But in a situation where a leader is surrounded by looters, even if he is healthy, he can’t do anything on his own. I just pray he returns home and gets well also.
When God shows you your enemy, such enemy can’t hurt you anymore if you are wise. President Muhammadu Buhari knows those that want him dead, so, I expect him to stay far away from them when he returns. He should resign and let the sleeping dog be. If Nigeria will be good, I am sure God Himself will intervene. No sacrifice is worth somebody’s life. He should go and rest
-Azeezat Kareem, Shukurat Alimi and Chika Okorie

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