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Terry G speaks fondly about the values of fatherhood

+Why I’m now on the quiet side

Gabriel Amanyi, popularly known as Terry G has been on the quite side this year. Thanks to fatherhood. The calm and calculated artiste released his album Book of Ginga early this year and the songs are enjoying much airplay in major television and radio stations.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with him about his rebranded image, his album, fatherhood and his upcoming Europe tour.


You released your album Book of Ginga a couple of months back, how is it doing?

It is selling more than pure water. The reception so far has been explicit. People have accepted almost all the songs in the album. Most of them are hits already. It is doing well in the market. The album has 22 tracks. I decided to explore some other part of me in the album, not the usuals people are used to. It has RnB and other genres.

Why did you decide to launch it in Abuja?

We had some challenges when it came up. Although at the beginning, we had it in mind to break through in some other places. At first, we went to Eko Hotel, the bill was just too high. I also wanted to partner some brands but it didn’t work out as well. People didn’t want me to do it but I didn’t give up. So, I decided to move it outside Lagos State.

I also thought that if I staged it outside Lagos, a lot of people will hear about it and it worked that way. After the Abuja launch, I received some proposals to do another launch in Lagos. We are working on that, hopefully, it will be launched in Lagos as well.

We also gathered you are going on a tour soon?

Yes, that is true, my management is in charge. We are touring Europe for about a month. I believe it is going to be fun.

What is happening to House of Ginga, your record label?

I have always represented the label. It is co-owned by myself and a partner. I just don’t make noise about it. We are doing well, the board members tried to bring other brands but something kept that from happening.

But now, I am the only one on the label. My younger brother is on the label but I don’t want him to flaunt it. I want him to create his own brand. So, we don’t make it obvious that he is on the brand as well. We are looking for the right artistes. Hopefully, very soon an artiste will come on board.

Sometime back, your appearance changed, the dreadlock was gone but now, it is back, what really happened?

I think it was my fault. I took some pictures and with the way I packed the hair, it didn’t show my dreadlock. I have never cut the hair since I started the dread.

Do you really see yourself cutting it someday?

Change is the only thing that is constant. For now, based on the fact that I portray this image, I don’t think I will.

It seems Terry G has ran away from controversies, you seem to be on your own now, should we call it rebranding?

I thank God for that. It is not that Terry G was not responsible, that teenage thing gets into the head but it gets to a level when maturity sets in, you will see all those things as distraction. I became more calm and responsible.

When I had my son, I see life very differently now, staying calm and collected gives you more respect and honour.

The Terry G sitting in front of me is quite different from the one we see in videos, where do you get the energy to perform in your videos?

It is just the zeal everybody puts into what they do, it is business, no more pleasure, it is something you do for a living, something you make money from, so, you just have to be at your best.

A lot of people believe you must take something to be high to perform on stage, do you do such?

It is not true, when it comes to Terry G, people around me will testify to that. I smoke my cigarette before going on stage but I don’t take alcohol or any other thing because it drains. When going on stage, I just have to display that aspect of me.

How are you rocking fatherhood?

It is fun, I can relax now, think more of the positive side, it has helped me to scare away negative friends. I am still breathing as well.

What is the best thing about being a father?

It brings out the responsibility in you, it makes you more focused, it makes you think and plan for the future.

When are you walking your baby mama down the aisle?

We are making plans for that. When it is time, we will let you know but definitely we are going to do that one day.

There is this new trend among artistes, they enjoy having baby mama’s before they finally settle down, why did you follow that trend?

I didn’t follow the trend, it happened the way it happened. We met in London, we became friends and eventually started a relationship. We had an agreement, I told her I wanted a kid before we go to the altar.

Why such decision?

I needed a man which I have gotten.

Tell us how your paths crossed?

I met her in London when I went for my first concert. She saw the other side of me and we became friends. Most people don’t know the other side of me.

What qualities endeared her to you?

I am from a responsible family, I cannot forget my background and the family training I had. I believe a woman should be homely with a responsible altitude. We consider all the qualities our parents have put into our consciousness before making our choices.

It seems you are closer to your mom than your dad, it was in the news when you bought her a car, but we don’t hear about your dad?

I am close to both of them, it is just that my father works, so he is not always around, that is why it seems I am closer to my mom. They have different qualities which I admire. When I bought a car for my mom, I also got a jeep for my dad as well. It is just that news about women is always faster. My dad was at my music launch in Abuja, my mom was not around because she went for my sister’s convocation outside the country.

What is your take about the music industry?

It is progressive, it wasn’t like that yesterday, definitely, it will not be like that tomorrow, it is growing. I thank God for the fact that we are progressing. There is so much value in music now, it is no more just for leisure.



This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, August 13, 2013



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