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TFC’s Bunmi Adedayo’s widow recounts husband’s last days

…struggles to pick up the pieces of her life

Oluwayemisi, widow of Bunmi Adedayo, the only child of owners of popular eatery, Tastee Fried Chicken, is still struggling to pick up the pieces of her life, one year after the demise of her young husband, encomium.ng learnt.

The young woman, 27, and mother of two children, Iyanuoluwayimika,5 (girl), and Morolaoluwa (boy) is still coming to terms with the premature departure of Bunmi,then 36, who died in Pretoria, South Africa, on September 25, 2013, following pneumonia complications.

Married for only four years (2009 till 2013), Oluwayemisi now spends her time taking care of her children, with enormous support from his parents (Chiefs Kunle and Pamela Adedayo).

The Ekiti State born former banker lives in Lekki Peninsular, Victoria Island (Lagos).

There was a memorial service on Thursday,September 25, on the anniversary of the death of Bunmi Adedayo at Oyin Jolayemi, Victoria Island (Lagos) head office of TFC. It was attended by All Progressives Congress leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Chief Deji Adeleke, among scores of friends, family and sympathizers.

The building was renamed ‘Bunmi’s Place’.

Olwabunmi Omotayo Adetokunbo Adedayo was born on January 5, 1977, in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America.

In a dedicated website in memory of Oluwabunmi Adedayo, Oluwayemi catalogued his last moments in riveting words…

September 3,

Arrived SA in the morning. I was heralded in by the so perceived good news of the resuscitation from 2 episodes of the incident.

We were just happy that you pulled through and all we wanted was for you to get rest and allow your body, tissue and organs to rejuvenate.

September 5 – 7

Stable but Critical – I haven’t heard that phrase that much all my life.

September 7,

The day ‘The News’ was confirmed and communicated. It was the most shocking and coldly delivered news I had ever heard (as at that time). I was shocked to my marrow and utterly devastated.

This started an avalanche of all sorts of emotions that I became numb. Too numb to even say a word of prayer.

Waiting patiently for the next day.

September 8

Thank God, a huge sigh of relief. Worries and anxiety about your state continued; there was a bit of a ray of hope because of yesterday’s information.

Prayers continued. The cold fears and the sullen feelings of nervousness stayed with me, especially when it was time to visit you on a 3-hour interval.

We hung on to our faith and hope in God as usual. All we could do was pray for you, anoint your body and tell you how much we love you and how much we wanted you to get well.

September 9,

Dad arrived SA. His presence was definitely a breath of fresh air. I was happy that at least mum will find support and comfort with dad being around. The load is usually a bit lighter when you have some to help you bear the burden.

However, we were quickly thrown into some kind of disorientation with the new development, which had to do with your transfer due to some medical jargons; it was an overload of information for me.

I researched and researched, the more I did, the more I got confused. My feelings and thoughts were so muddled up, too disconcerted to have a meal.

But Dad was there to give us a faint sense of re-assurance; the relocation might actually work for own good.

Nobody to really give us a clear explanation of why it had to be so.

I actually became more worried and afraid today after a phone conversation with a family friend who is a doctor. Her voice lacked luster and tended towards little hope per chance.

I did a bit more research today and I had a bit more understanding of what implications might be.

I was afraid. 

September 10,

Finally was able to talk to the said lady about the transfer; she was able to erase our fears on the relocation; little did we know that it will set us up for a more traumatic turn of events.

The ceremony before seeing you in the new location was just nothing to feel good about. But we just had to remain focus on you getting better and getting out of that bed.

September 11

We received great news today, your blood works are coming on better, the x-ray results were looking better. All other thing remained the same. You had started to improve, breathing was easier. Things were looking good.

Just waiting with baited breath for you to be aware.

September 12,

Best day ever, news came in that you did it all by yourself…

I remember when the news came in; we were also tensed and scared about the phone call from the hospital, alas, it was the best news ever. Mum started to roll on the floor in praises and thanksgiving to God. It was victory that day.

September 13,

Another victory today, opened eyes, what a joy, what a delight to our soul.

September 14

Today is the day I left SA to come to Nigeria to see the children with hopes of securing a visa for Chika so we can all relocate to SA to be with you.

Yimika and Morola had been at home for 2 weeks with my mum, Chika and aunty Remi.

It was difficult to leave but it had become apparent that I needed to check on the kids and also bring them over to you.

The last time I saw you laying on that bed in the ICU was September 17. 2013. I told you I would be leaving the next day to see our children and bring them over so our family can all be together. I know in your heart you would have wanted but also wanted me to go see our children; you would have conceded to letting me to go on the grounds I will be back in a few days.

I flew this morning to Nigeria amidst the fear of uncertainty and reluctance to leave you. In all this, I still believed that I would come back to you and you would have recovered beyond how and where I left you.

I was so hoping that by the time I returned you would have been discharged from the ICU.

I was so glad and relieved to see Ymika and Morola, they were just fine.

September 15 – 21

I immediately started making plans to secure a visa for Chika.

I called the ICU numerous times each day and the news was always the same no drama…and none other improvement.

In between, I went with to ODM – Our Daily Manna Ministry to pray for you.

I desperately wanted a miracle. I prayed and prayed. The pastor laid hands and anointed your picture. I felt some kind of relief that perhaps all would be well with you.

September 22

Today Sept 22nd, 2013 was a Sunday. I went to MFM church in Yaba to pray for you to recover. On trying to park and rush into the car, I accidentally slammed the car door on my left thumb. It was extremely painful, had to be taken to the MFM clinic for treatment. I felt sad and confused about the whole accident. Didn’t know it was a sign of what was to come 3 days after.

However, I chose to look at it differently; perhaps the accident and the pain of the injury was a sacrifice for your recovery.

Anyway, I prayed and hoped for the best. Meanwhile news coming from the ICU remained the same – Stable but Critical.

September 23

Received the news about the trapped air thing; though quite scary but fears were diffused by the nurse and by evening all was well again.

Today, something great happened; Pastor E.A Adeboye prayed for you through the phone. WE were happy and felt a sense of relief after his prayers.

September 24.

No changes but no drama either

This evening, Yimika said she saw you in her room. She said this repeatedly with so much certainty but also a lot of confusion.

September 25, 2013.

Worst day of My Life

I remember that very day… That day when my dark days ‘officially’ began. It was presided with the feeling of the urgency of a looming and impending calamity. I prayed… Oh! I prayed that God will restore your soul and body even to frailty… I was going to nurture you to recovery no matter how long… But those were mere fantasies that were doomed to be gone with the wind. I hoped against all hopes, I believed and trusted … But they hit the rocks and shattered right before my very eyes. My hopes, beliefs and trusts became crippled and paralyzed and I became helpless.
I remember the very statement on the night before that fateful day that plunged me into the great despair and put that monkey of trepidation on my shoulder. That was a pointer to the unfolding events of the next hours. I could not sleep; panic attacks and anxiety was the order. I feared that something may not go right, albeit I hoped for the divine and believed for a miracle expecting that it would all make a more wonderful and a sweeter testimony. I couldn’t wait for the break of dawn, hoping that it would bring with it a ray of hope not knowing that the sun would set at that very dawn.

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