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TFC’s Yinka Adedayo writes about dead son, ‘My grief is personal, follows no time table…’

TASTEE Fried Chicken’s Chief Olayinka Pamela Adedayo – whose only child passed on, on September 25, 2013, in Pretoria, South Africa, following pneumonia complications – is dealing with her pain and loss as much as she can.

And one of the ways the owner of the popular eatery copes with her irreparable loss is to write about her pain.

son and mother

son and mother

In a dedicated website in memory of Oluwabunmi Adedayo (January 5, 1977 –September 25, 2013), the grieving mother wrote :

3 MONTHS JOURNEY- 25th SEPT. —-25th DEC.

This is a JOURNEY no one would choose to take. Grieving the loss of you Omo mi OLUWABUNMI is the hardest work I will ever do. It takes time and millions of tears to even get to a place of “okay” in this Journey. My grief is personal, follows no timetable and is different for every single person.

In my dreams, you are alive and well; in my soul, there is a HOLE that can never be filled. But in my heart! There is HOPE, cause Yimika and Morolaoluwa are here with me.

In my plans, I was the first to leave. But death has robbed me of all the dreams I had for you, and all that we could have shared but not my love. Not even death can take that from me. I am very glad that I loved you my Precious CHILD.

Though it may be true that we are apart this CHRISTMAS, you will live forever in my heart my previous child.

I love you son to infinity and Beyond.


Your Beloved Mother, Olayinka

25th December 2013.

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