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The best advice l would have given my younger self (2)

We all have what we would love to change if we have another opportunity.

Some never came to mind until we grew older and later realised them.

Here are pieces of advice for one’s younger self…


Omotunde Ajide

I will advise my younger self not to work in a place for a long time no matter how much they are paying you. Even if you are the MD, you have to move to a better place.

Always have plan B. Even if you are working, you should have something you are doing alongside it.


Vanessa James

Dedicate and focus more on life issues (shine your eye), be wise and don’t take chances.

Don’t let people dictate how you would live your life.


Abebi Eniola

Discover yourself early. Pursue what you really love to do rather than what is available. Wait for God’s timing, not be in a haste. No matter how long it takes, wait.


Tony Ali

Don’t work for people for long. Whatever is yours is yours, start something of your own and nurture it. It will grow.

Marry your first love if you have the opportunity to because it is not easy to let go once you love a man.


Richard Agwu

Stay clear of phonograms.

Stay abreast of happenings in the country. Try to stay on top of your game.


Damilare Joju

I will advise my younger self to be contended with all their parents give them. I was contended at a point and I ended up being a single mother.

Wait for the right moment for everything for there is a season for each person under the sun.


Grace Emma

Follow your parents advice career wise. They have been there and they know what it is, they have the experience. Learn to endure pain, no matter how bad it is, you wouldn’t die in the pain.


Seth Solomon

Seek God in the days of your youth, that is when you have the time to seek Him. Marry early enough in order to have all your children before 35.


Olaolu Onibalusi

I will advise my younger self to be patient and reserved. It has a lot of gain, you will also earn a l lot of respect as well.


Olamide Adenugba

The advise I can give my younger self is to always believe in your dreams, don’t think less of yourself. Don’t misuse every opportunity you have.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun for encomium.ng


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