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The best advice l would have given my younger self

We all have what we would love to change if we have another opportunity.

Some never came to mind until we grew older and later realised them.

Here are pieces of advice for one’s younger self…



Mr. Oke Rotimi

I will tell my younger self to be careful on his choice of friendship, the type of people he will mingle with. It is very important that he makes friends with the right people that would give you the best advise and support.

He should be careful on his choice of career. Choose wisely, don’t just manage anything, get something that would give a promising future.

I would also add that seeking God is the best, lean on God and not on man.


Mr. Idris Olaitan

I would tell my younger self to always commit their plans to God.

Take time, and be careful planning to choose your career. Don’t jump, plan your life and move on early in life. It is better to be self employed than to be working for someone.


Mrs. Omotola Esther

Seek God above every other thing in life.

Don’t move ahead of God, listen when He gives instructions and hold to it more than life.

Marry your friend, most especially someone you are up with. It is also good to marry your first love.

Plan for retirement while you are still making money. And as a woman, I would say, you must have a handiwork (vocation), learn a trade and never live your life as a house wife.


Mr Abimbola John

Never ever accept to be a housewife. Even if your husband wants you to be, talk it out of him.

Follow the path God created for you and don’t try to create your own path.


Mr Taiwo Johnson

What I would tell my younger self is to be focused on what the future holds and what I plan to achieve. My focus must go with all the sacrifice that is needed.

Marry your focus with your sacrifice, you would be able to achieve all you want to achieve.

I was not allowed to socialize when I was growing up, I would have loved to socialize more than I was given the opportunity to.


Adesiyan Tolani

I would tell my younger self not to trust too much. I trusted people too much.

And I would try as much as possible to avoid procrastination. There are some things I delayed that are telling on me now.


Eyiwumi Tunrayo

I would advise myself to be patient and contended with whatever I have. Not to trust in man, hope faithfully in God.


Oyetona Adesile

Believe in yourself, don’t be carried away by the storm of events.

Don’t be an observer, don’t look at things from afar.

Make your comprehensive findings before you jump to any work or career so you won’t regret. I can’t advise people to go into cybercrime or armed robbery but they should not chase shadows, think well before venturing into any profession.


Solomon Olufemi

Always be in agreement with your partner before making any journey.

Seek the face of God for whatever you want to do in life. It would prevent you from going round the circle.

Always save, and not ‘use all your hands to eat’.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun for


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