The Black & White Ball bounces on the boulevard of bliss

CELEBRATING good form and refinement, promoting high fashion and fine dining, The Black & White Ball, incorporating the Elegance and Style Awards and parading the spectacular fashion show perches on top as the A-list event with 7-star elements on our social calendar.

The Sunday evening shindig with guests from the cream of high society –stars and star makers from music and movies, comedy and television, politics and commerce and all professions in-between –is an extravaganza ENCOMIUM, the magazine and events company, is honoured to package.

With dramatic and exciting twists and turns, the 6-hour ceremony leads on all fronts in pleasure and bliss quotients.

From the welcome reception to the magical marquee decorated like a palace, fun of the decent kind is on the cards.

And at this fifth season of the fabulous ball in New Lagos long after Easter celebrations, it is a spell binding package that is in the works.

Ladies and gentlemen, those we are honoured and humbled to have on our guest list, prepare for a jaw-dropping fiesta that will leave a sweet after taste on your palate.

Get the most gorgeous garbs in monochrome you can afford in formal mode and await your invites and briefs about the most enjoyable evening yet…


April, the month of Easter, is wrapping up, and May is peeping.  So, the spectacular 6-hour event which has redefined glamour and elegance is in the month of May.

We are working extra hard to surpass our previous events, put together a more organized and co-ordinated ball yet in this side of the Sahara.

The longest running ball, with A* recognition from the discerning is being co-ordinated by gifted event planners and strategists for your enjoyment.

Many things are being considered and fine-tuned, tweaked and tabled for your delight.

May is around the corner –and your invitation card will soon land on your table.


We all can’t reside in New Lagos – the posher part of town practically built from scratch in the last three decades.  But we owe it to ourselves to see and relish the heart-warming development upgraded by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and nurtured by Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN).

We are proud of what’s on ground in that part of the mega-city, and happy to host our 7-star event there.

There, the roads are more expansive and modern, the houses more palatial and beautiful.

So, come to where refinement and elegance are in tango. Come to the magical marquee which is the gem of New Lagos.

Planted on acres of land, with modern facilities even the most finicky will applaud, enjoy this event centre with unparalleled ambience.

Here, we start the ball in a small marquee where a catch-your-breath and settle-in-well reception will kick off the evening.

And as we move to the big marquee, set for a banquet the Queen, Her Royal Majesty Elizabeth II would have applauded, the evening will take on a new meaning in pleasure.


Why do we go the extra kilometers to ensure our guests feel at home and are treated like kings and queens?  Because a shindig must be extraordinary and provide uncommon pleasure and excitement.

Why should anyone, not to talk of stars and star makers, uncommon politicos and serious professionals, be dressed to the nines in monochrome formal pieces only to be treated with regular elements of a shindig?

Our preoccupation is to provide spectacle and high drama, and bliss difficult to replicate.

That’s why the food, all of 8-course meal, the best drinks under the sun and the sky, entertainment content that will warm your bosom and bedfellows you are happy to associate with, are high on our agenda of the evening.

We never fib or exaggerate, tell tall tales, and our guests know this for a fact.  When we promise, we deliver with value added extras.


Those who are new in town, bona fide members of the chic and glamour set can be  part of the uncommon ball which colours the social calendar crimson and cheerful.

There are some spots for new comers who are at home in the boulevard of glamour and glitz.

You can make a reservation –kindly call or text 08055002034.


Let’s be honest, how many events demand very formal gears?  How many ceremonies make ‘black tie’ mandatory?

Now, to our next questions –who hates putting their best feet forward?  Is anyone truly averse to looking like a million naira?

One of the objects of The Black & White Ball is to make dressing well and properly easy and effortless, to promote high fashion and democratise glamour and elegance.

It is not difficult to romance and feel at home in formal pieces.  So, friends and associates, partners and pillars, we are rooted on the dress and colour codes.

Monochrome in formal ensembles is the call.

Gentlemen can adorn tuxedo, crisp white shirt, black tie, cummerbund or waist coat, trousers hitched with suspenders and gleaming black shoes.

Lovers of traditional numbers can pick any ceremonial regalia of any ethnic group.

Ladies can pick dresses of varying lengths, sleeves and straps, and up-to-the-minute high heels.

Iro and buba, George wrapper and sequined tops, or body caressing two-piece skirt and blouse can also be the choice of damsels and dames.


Text messages will soon pop up on your phones, enjoining you to start counting the days.

And the invitation cards, similar to what Her Majesty will send out will be on your doorsteps before you know it.

The sumptuously simple card in monochrome is a statement in refinement (even if we say so).

Without flourish and pretensions, the elegant card excites us to no end.


Two of the most profound prayers mouthed by the jolly people of the South West of Nigeria –May you never be short of those who will implement your dreams and may you always find a way – echo in our bosom so regularly that we have adopted them as our anchor points.

No matter how small or big a dream is, it cannot be executed solely, if it is worthy and beneficial, to a large extent.

So, we constantly have these prayers on our lips as we need many supporters and pillars, sponsors and partners to see that the project bears fruit.  And we have been lucky, ever since we introduced events, to have many organizations and people who we lean on.

We are again calling, let’s lean on you.

For sponsorship –kindly call or text 08055002034, or send us a mail (


Savour and relish all on offer at the ball that has redefined glamour and glitz.  Plant yourself in the hub of pleasure by picking a branded table of ten which comes with many other benefits.

Please, call or text 08055002034, or send a mail (


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