The Black & White Ball returns with glitz

Beautiful souls, students and leaders of fashion and style, protectors and guardians of good form, The Black & White Ball is here again.

ENCOMIUM, the magazine and events company, returns to stage a more glamorous, A-list ball which parades all the elements of elegance and elan, sophistication and soigné all in one breadth.

The roller-coaster 6-hour ceremony with many colourful segments laced with joyous twists and turns will be hosted in a matter of weeks.

But long after Lent is over and Easter well celebrated, the Sunday afternoon ball with monochrome apparels as dress code at a magical marquee in the posher part of the city of chic and commerce will excite and enthral those who are serious about refinement.

The Black & White Ball, Season 5, incorporating the Elegance and Style Awards, and parading the spectacular fashion show is billed to be a spell binder.


Here, at Encomium’s Place, we don’t take chances. We plot and strategize, pray and toil as we approach any of our events which colour the social calendar crimson and cheerful.

We engage professionals and serious souls with passion as we labour and plan. And we have enough time to accommodate all our dreams.

And this time, we are not departing from our schedule and checklist. We are more concerned with hosting a beautiful event that leaves a sweet after taste. And this year’s ball is many weeks away, long after Lent is over and Easter celebrated.

On top of it all, we know enough notice gives everyone ample opportunity to think and prepare.

So, glamozons and glamorati, those who make Nigeria rock and titillate, razzle and dazzle,you can begin serious preparations for 2014 Black & White, Season 5.


We can’t help acknowledging good deeds. And in Lagos where the cerebral governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN) is upgrading the town, planting modernity and beauty, we salute him. Where we are headed is even grander, with expansive roads and modern structures, and we invite our guests to accompany us to New Lagos where a magical marquee with up-to-the-minute facilities has been erected for your pleasure.

In the hub of jollification, there are only a few event centres which can stand shoulder to shoulder with this gem which will host us.

This Black & White Ball will be staged at this majestic marquee with 7-star facilities where the cream of high-society and quick learners of refinement will be treated to music and comedy, dinner and dance, fashion and more.


Last year, at the fourth edition of the Black & White Ball, apart from the numerous excitements on the bill, the 7-course meal was a winner. So, this year, we are going many rungs higher by pampering our guests to pleasure and bliss.

We are working hard on improving our entertainment content (music, comedy, fashion), surpassing the dining experience, and staging a tighter, more enjoyable event you won’t want to end.

Your satisfaction is our primary objective – and we are working with passionate service providers, event planners and content strategists to make the evening spectacular.

From our guest list to the decor and programme, it is a 7-star ceremony we are packaging.


Are you new in town? And you have all it takes to mix and rub shoulders with the chic and glamour set? Then, you can partake in the 7-star Black & White Ball.

For celebutantes and fast rising gentlemen and ladies, tickets are available so that you can partake in the extravaganza.


The ball derived its name from the dress and colour codes. For high octane balls, the most formal attires are demanded. And for ours, apart from your formal gears, monochrome is the mandatory colour code.

So, this black tie event enjoins you to search for the most formal pieces you can afford in black and white. Gentlemen who prefer continental attires are to adorn a tuxedo, crisp white shirt, black tie, waist coat or cummerbund, trousers hoisted with suspenders, black socks and high gloss shoes.

If you prefer traditional garbs, choose the most formal of any ethnic group.

And ladies are spoilt for choice. They can do dresses of any length, from knee to ankle, different sleeves and straps, ‘High-heels’ are recommended, unless you are over 60.

Iro and buba, body-skimming skirt and blouse or George wrapper and sequined top are allowed.

Don’t forget, it is a black tie event.


The invitation card, its elegance and simplicity, says a lot about this event. We have studied how royalty go about their engagements, and we are perpetually fascinated by their easy ways and unhurried manners.

A stamp of ‘ease’ pervades all their activities.

And that’s what we have been doing with all aspects of our events. We go about them like Her Majesty, the Queen of England would.

And we start with the invitation card.

With black letters, the invite will win you over. But our designers are putting finishing touches.


Whatever is worthwhile is achieved with support from good people who encourage dreams and propel ideas into reality. And with our events, we are happy to have sponsors, partners and supporters who make our endeavours successful.

At this Black & White Ball, we are counting on organisations and individuals to share in the goodwill of the high octane event.

There are enormous benefits in sponsoring and supporting the Black & White Ball. Kindly call or text 08055002034 or send email to


You can enjoy yourself to the hilt if you pick a branded table of ten guests planted in the hub of the event.

All the goodies on offer are at your beck and call.

Want a branded table? Please call or text 08055002034 or send an email to



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