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The Black & White Ball, Season 5 winners speak (2): ‘Looking good is good business’ – Susan Chanel

SKIN therapist, beauty specialist, Susan Chanel started her business very small – and today she is preferred by women who want to look good. Her brand which also goes by her name, Susan Chanel is beautifying society women in drapes.  And because of this, she won the Skin Therapist of the Year Award at the ENCOMIUM’s Black & White Ball.  The entrepreneur insisted hard work and dedication to her business brought her this far.

You won an award as the Skin Therapist of the Year, how did you get there?

It is same thing that started as a joke. I never knew I would go this far.  I want to thank God for taking me this far beyond my expectations.  For me to get this far means a lot of hard work, courage, focus, perseverance and patience.  The result we get from our clients, referrals based on our work has been awesome.

Susan Chanel with Aisha Abimbola

Susan Chanel with Aisha Abimbola

How have you been able to sustain the business to this level?

A lot of work, commitment and passion.  Once you have passion for anything you do, you will go places, the sky is the starting point.

What is the future of this business?

We are basically into skin therapy.  We sort out issues with skin problem, stretch marks, skin stigmatization and dark spots.  Inasmuch as women specially have these things, we will continue to be in business.

Who are your clients?

Our clients are growing every day.  We are for every category of society.  Our products are herbal and there is no side effect, that is why we are able to pull crowd.  Our clients cut across.

You look good, what is the secret?

I am into beauty, people call me Beauty Queen.  I have to look the part.  Looking good is good business, I have to look good.  Our products are good.  They are herbal products, no side effects, no reaction.  I look what I do.  A sample of my product is just me.

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