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The Black & White Ball, Season 5 winners speak (3):‘I feel humbled, appreciated’ – DJ Jimmy Jatt

25 years in the music industry and still waxing stronger, DJ Jimmy Jatt (Jimi Adewale Amu) is a leader by miles in disc jockeying.

He got the Special Recognition Award, Pillar of Entertainment at the Black & White Ball, and the entertainer was full of gratitude to the organizers for honouring him with the Elesho totem.

Jimmy Jatt, as he is fondly called, spoke about the award in this chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly

DJ Jimmy JattYou won the Special Recognition Award, Pillar of Entertainment tonight, how does it feel?

To be honest, I was not expecting it.  I came here as usual just to do my job.  When I was called, it came as a surprise.  I feel humbled, I feel really appreciated.  They say, ‘A prophet is not honoured by his own people,’ but when an award like this is coming from my own people, I feel honoured.  Mr. Kunle Bakare knew me from the days of Fame.  It makes me feel good.

What would the award propel you to do?

It is a huge responsibility.  A lot is expected of me from now on, in terms of doing much better.  For me, I will just go home, reassess myself and plan to do better things and continue to live up to the expectation of the people that appreciate me.

What would you like to say to the organizers of this award?

I say a very big thank you.  The word, ‘Thank you’ is too small to express my appreciation to the organizers.  Sadly, there is no bigger word than to repeat thank you. I feel appreciated.



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