THE BLACK & WHITE BALL’S whirlwind romance with IDL guarantees roller coaster ceremony

The Black & White Ball incorporating the Elegance, Style and Substance Awards and parading the spectacular fashion show will rock the city of Lagos in summer. And courtesy of Intercontinental Distillers Ltd, producers of world class drinks, the 7-star ceremony promises to be exciting and pleasurable.
With formal attires in monochrome as dress and colour codes, the fifth edition of the high-octane event with guests drawn from stars of movies and movies, comedy and television as well as focused professionals and entrepreneurs and incorrigible politicos, will colour the social calendar crimson and cheerful.
Scheduled for after the World Cup and Ramadan fast, the good people of Nigeria are promised a first class ball.
And since the event attracts enormous attention and questions, we have provided answers to some enquiries…

I’ve seen a few people ignoring your dress code. What’s the noise about compliance when you allow ‘transgressors’?
I am sure you don’t want to be in the shoes of the few people you see who ‘disobey’ the dress code (not the colour code). Some of them spend endless hours at the gate begging and pulling all the strings they can, and at the end of the day, only a handful of ‘transgressors’ will be find their way in.
Why break a rule? What point do you want to prove after numerous sermons.
Gentlemen and ladies always obey rules of good form. What we always say is that it is only a ball! It is a party at the end of the day, so why put yourself in a difficult position where you have to appeal to be admitted.
We take our dress and colour codes serious. The atmosphere of the event is elevated by the attires alone. So, why should we accommodate those who show us no respect?
The Black & White Ball, incorporating the Elegance, Style and Substance Awards and parading the spectacular fashion show is a high octane event with all the elements of glamour and glitz in abundance. Abiding by the dress and colour codes ensure that one of the elements is in place!
The ‘black tie’ event can only live up to its billing if guests are dressed to the nines in their most formal garbs in monochrome.

Why haven’t you announced the date of your ball? The suspense is killing…
We have to assemble all the ingredients that guarantee a successful event before we announce a date. For us at ENCOMIUM, the magazine and events company, proper preparations which ensure a first class ceremony have become second nature.
Remember, the slogan for this year’s ball is, “As long as it takes.” As long as it takes … to put together a ball worthy of its name and better than previous editions.
Beautiful and rewarding things take enormous energy, time and resources. But we are lucky to have friends, associates, partners and well-wishers who assist us in staging these events. With their support, we bring alive these ceremonies which nestle on top of the league.
For the 2014 edition of The Black & White Ball, we are favoured once again to have Intercontinental Distillers Ltd., makers of world class drinks, on our side as co-sponsors. With IDL, we have a beautiful show on our hands already.
And as more support roll in, we will be comfortable to stage a fabulous ball.
We have already picked Summer 2014 for the ball. We are looking beyond the World Cup in Brazil, between June 12 –July 13, 2014, and the Ramadan, June 28/29 –July 28/29, 2014.
The early days of August appear appropriate. And if you are on our guest list, you can begin preparations. Start by thinking and assembling your monochrome ensemble, the best you can afford.

Black & White Ball 2014You always have well-wishers and supporters for your event. How may I come in?
Without support of partners, associates, friends and well-wishers, we would only be dreaming. Not much can be achieved alone. We count on many organizations and good people for our events. And we are blessed and favoured to have legions of them on our side.
From the minutest thing to the biggest, there are scores of pillars we lean on. Don’t forget, we are talking about a high octane ball that all the money in the world alone cannot accomplish.
For one, we need a lot of warm and kind wishes and prayers. And we rely largely on expertise that are hugely discounted, and sometimes provided gratis.
We also have organizations which provide products for our guests at next to nothing, or free.
Many also subscribe to our branded tables (of ten guests) which are planted in the hub of the marquee and come with many benefits.
Others provide enormous support by sponsoring and co-sponsoring the event.
We invite you to pick your choice. We never delude ourselves that we are self-sufficient and all-knowing. Every little help counts…

What do you recommend for a lady to wear to your ball?
The best formal dress you can afford in black, white or black and white! With appropriate accessories that tell your story well.
Depending on your age and figure, you should choose an ensemble that suits you to a T.
You can adorn a dress which is floor-sweeping or knee length, with all manner of straps and sleeves.
Also, you can pick the traditional iro and buba, or the body-skimming skirt and blouse or the George wrapper with sequined blouse.
Killer heels complete the look, unless you are over 60!

Where exactly is the venue of this event?
The Black & White Ball incorporating the Elegance, Style and Substance Awards and parading the spectacular fashion show will be in Lagos. We have settled for the Centre of Excellence and wisdom, the city of chic and jollification, the hub of entertainment and commerce in Nigeria.
And in this state that the governor of the good people of Lagos, Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN), is changing for good, we are eyeing the posher part of town where the roads are expansive and the structures are more beautiful. We are settling for New Lagos.
And our venue has been appropriately described as the Gem of New Lagos. In the large compound are two marquees –one for the welcome reception and the other for the main event.
In the next few days, we will announce the first class event centre which suits us like no other.

What’s on offer at this ball you enjoy writing about?
Pleasure in torrents! That’s what we have on offer at this ball that has no match.
From the beginning of the Sunday event till we wrap up at 10 p.m., from the gate to the welcome reception and event proper, bliss and excitement will walk side by side enjoyment and pleasure.
Our major preoccupation is your satisfaction. And we have lined up all the ingredients that ensure that you are pampered to pleasure in a manner that is uncommon.
Don’t forget we have on our side some of the best service providers in the industry –from caterers to event planners and decorators.
We have the king of disc jockeys, DJ Jimmy Jatt, and some of the best entertainers in this side of the Sahara –from musicians to comedians.
There’s the awards segment where icons and pillars of style and elegance are decorated with the Elesho totem.
The ambience of conviviality and glamour can hardly be replicated.
What’s more, guests are dressed in the most formal ensembles in monochrome.
For six hours, an extravaganza in a league of its own will roll before your eyes.

What does it take to attend this ball?
Guests at The Black & White Ball are drawn from stars of movies and music, comedy and television, serious entrepreneurs and no-nonsense professionals as well as uncommon politicos.
And they are all invited on account of their contribution to their various fields.
However, those who are new in town and can settle well in the midst of the chic and glamour set can get an invitation.
Kindly call or text 08055002034 for more details.

Who is anchoring this ball?
One of the criteria for our anchor person is that he/she must be stylish and elegant, apart from being a professional compeer.
At the 2009 ball, we had Mr. Ademola Oyinlola, newscaster in the golden age of television and one of the executive directors of Tell magazine, alongside polyglot and renowned master of ceremonies, late Femi Segun.
We have also had Chidi Mokeme, actor, TV presenter and clothier.
Basorge Tariah, Jnr., star actor and comedian also hosted the ball once.
And Julius Agwu, actor, comedian, musician and style aficionado was the host last year.
This year, we are working on a winning formula. We are looking at an anchor person that is more than a master of ceremonies and comedian. We are targeting a complete entertainer…

What criteria do you use in picking winners of the Elegance and Style Awards?
Recipients of Elesho totem must be more than elegance and style. They must possess substance in addition. And we have appropriately renamed the award, Elegance, Style and Substance Awards.
There are different categories, as itemized Best Occasions’ Wear Designer, Best Indigenous Attires’ Designer, Most Elegant Women (30+, 40+, 50+, 60+), Most Stylish Men (30+, 40+, 50+, 60+, 70+), Lifetime Achievement, Substance And Elegance, Lifetime Achievement, Substance And Style, Special Recognition Award, Style Leader, Special Recognition Award, Culture Aficionado, Special Recognition Award, Pace-Setting Designer, Best Promoter Of Style, Special Recognition Award, Pacesetting Clothier, Most Elegant First Lady, Most Adorable First Lady, Most Stylish Governor, Most Elegant National Assembly Member, Most Stylish Senator.
The categories are self-explanatory, and the winners are chosen by our panel of seasoned students and scholars of style.



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