‘The Chronicles of Ushbebe gulped N4 million’-Ushbebe


It was a wonderful evening on Sunday, March 22, 2015, as friends, families and fans of comedian Ushbebe, came out to cheer and support him during his show, The Chronicles of Ushbebe at Muson Centre, Onikan, Lagos.

The event was sponsored by both corporate organisation’s colleagues as well lots of media partners such as, Property Mart, Kennis Music, Lakeem Suits, YC (Yomi Casual), Bella Naija, Koga Entertainment and much more. Before the event proper, guests were made to enjoy different genres of music performances from Vintage Band as well as other music from DJ Jeggs and DJ Pape.

As the event unfolded, there as comedy by Princess, Helen Paul, Mc Shakara, Mc Acadella and lots more were.

However, in a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the organizer of the show, Ushbebe appraised the show and how happy he was…

How would you rate your show?

I will say it’s well over 94 percent considering the time and other factors.

Seeing your friends and colleagues at the show, how did you feel?

I felt really special because it’s not all the time guys come out to be a part of your success story, and anytime I ask for their assistance they are always there for me.

What are some of the lapses that you noticed and would not repeat in your next show?

I won’t call them lapses. It is very difficult to tidy up certain things considering the busy schedule of the artiste. However, if we key in to exact timing .we all should have had a perfect show. The other one is a bit of miss communication in my performance plan. We thank God I was able to shake it off and give Lagos a fun night.

How much did the show gulp?

The show gulped about N4 million.

Having the likes of Kcee, Harrysong and others perform it must have cost a lot, how much did you splash on the music artistes?

I am not a politician and funny enough KCee’s label splashed on me for putting up a good show so did the likes of Ambassador Karo. If I have to pay the musicians I would have spent all my savings.

What would you describe as the high point of the show?

When I was holding time for Iyanya to come in and I took jabs at Kcee, E-Money my Oga AY, Alex Ekubo. That moment was so electrifying and it was spontaneous.

What made this year’s show different?

The way the acts entertained this year was more like a movie. The likes of Vector and Eva brought an army of dancers that took us out of the ordinary pattern and my performance was blended with drama, the skits also came in well accepted.

How would you describe the guests’ acceptance of your short film with Daniella?

They loved it and also were really fascinated by the one with Toyin Aimakhu-Johnson because it was a surprise.

What more should we expect from you?

Expect only the best and creative works from me because plans are on for Abuja, Enugu and the UK as we speak.



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