The church and politics should be parallel, says Pastor Favour Phillips

Pastor (Mrs.) Favour Phillips is the proprietress of Safe Healing Nursing Home, Agric Quarters, Ojo, Lagos and the wife of Pastor Emmanuel Phillips, presiding pastor of Divine Increase Assembly, Iba, Lagos.

In this interview, the amiable convener of the non-denominational faith assembly, Hebrew Daughters Clinic, a wing of D.I.A, made it point blank that the church and politics are parallel lines that can never meet and should be seen as that. She also talked about her clinic, relationship with Lagos State Ministry of Health and more.

What’s your business plan for Safe Healing Nursing Home in 2015?

Safe Healing Nursing Home has come to stay and will continue to wax stronger. To know my plan for 2015, keep patronizing Safe Healing Nursing Home you will see the difference between past years and now.

What’s your reaction to the prophecies for 2015?

God has spoken that we shall reign by grace. God cannot say what He will not do. This year, He said the Increase Family shall reign by grace and we shall reign by grace that’s what I have accepted. Things shall work for us by grace and with ease. I am hopeful it’s going to be a good year for the church and individuals.

Last year, you were in some of the riverine areas of Lagos with your medical team in conjunction with the Lagos State Ministry of Health, what is going to happen this year?

This year, we staged a programme at Ogijo in Ogun state attended by over 1,000 people. We gave out free clothings, food and medical tests. Having started very well, 2015 will be better for us. We still have two more programmes under Favour Phillips Foundation.

What is the benefit of the collaboration with the Ministry of Health?

Favour Phillips Foundation is an NGO registered with the Lagos State Aids Control Agency. That’s the umbrella we work under. Government is not funding the NGO. It is run by individuals and philanthropists who give support.

What gave you an edge because you don’t have monopoly of medical facility in your operational zone?

What gave me an edge was grace. When God is with you, He gives you an edge over others. We are trying to meet up with demand.

Should parochial political utterances be made from the pulpit?

I feel politics should be left to politicians. We can only guard and guide from the pulpit and pray for them. I think pastors should dabble into politics, especially in Nigeria. If politicians come to the pastors, they should not give godly advice.  The Bible says, To every king there is a prophecy, to hear from God and tell the king what God says. The pulpit is not a platform for political campaign.

What’s your take on flaunting of affluence by the clergy?

The Bible says, The earth and the fullness thereof is the Lord’s. Jesus himself was not a pauper, if not they wouldn’t have shared his clothes. The riches of God belong to His children. If you are able to tap into God’s riches, enjoy it but God has given us room for moderation.

Has the church failed in its civic social responsibility to the nation?

The church has never failed and the church will not fail. Imagine a society without a church. It is doing its best that the society is crime free and ensuring the country is a place to stay.

Any challenge as the wife of the senior pastor a fast growing church like Divine Increase Assembly?

I operate under grace. Grace is working out for me.


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