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The day G-Wilz was unchained, unveiled and unleashed on the world

He is like no other rapper on the scene. This young rapper takes no prisoners and fears nobody. He is hot, fresh and daring.

Not caring whose ox is gored, he says to everyone’s hearing “I am G-WILZ. I am the King of the Word, the Toastmaster-General and the Minister of Rap. I am lyrically licensed to kill!”

On Saturday, March 4, the Lagos media jammed the Ikeja Headquarters of TOPS, the 360 Degrees entertainment outfit owned by Chief Tony Okoroji, former President of PMAN and Chairman, Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON). They came with many gaily dressed supporters of the dude called G-WILZ to flag off what everybody agrees is a young man’s journey to stardom

G-WILZ born on October 1, Nigeria’s Independence Day, is an exceptional talent. He is different. G-WILZ knows how to weave words together and create unique impressions. He has the uncanny ability to start a rap line in uppity English, swing to Igbo, pivot to Yoruba, come back to pidgin while keeping the beat pumping and his audience spell bound.

G-WILZ is an original street boy and he has the scars to prove it. He has earned every degree you can earn in the University of ‘Hard Knocks’. On his way to fame, he has done every un-fancied job you can imagine. Not too long ago, this Prince of the streets was a barber, cutting fancy hairstyles in the Egbeda, Gowon Estate,Idimu and Alimosho areas of Lagos. Already, his fast-growing fan base says that if Olamide owns Bariga and Oworonsoki, G-WILZ is the Prince of the streets of Alimosho, Egbeda, Gowon Estate and Idimu.

Says G-WILZ, “I do what I have to do and say what I have to say. I grew up wanting to be a very good dancer but dancing in Egbeda was highly discouraging, so I gave all to music, irrespective of what everyone said to me. I am the 3rd child of my parents and I have strived hard to become somebody in order to avoid mediocrity. At this point, I don’t think there is any amount of discouragement that can break this wed-lock of “my music and me”.

In the words of G-WILZ, “I am a musical change agent. I am a radical. Yes, music is supposed to entertain but music must also bring change. It must speak to injustice, intolerance, hate and bigotry. It must speak for the common man. Every great musician is a teacher and a philosopher. You must be a man of the people, an ambassador of the down trodden. Ask yourself why Bob Marley is immortal. Why do we still celebrate Fela many years after his death?”

As the media and the fans gathered to simultaneously roll out three songs by G-WILZ, ‘KARMA’, ‘ASIWAJU’ and ‘REMEMBER ME’, electricity was in the air. There was pure excitement as flash bulbs from cameras exploded left, right and center. As G-WILZ did his thing everyone present proclaimed what was glaring, they had just unchained a dragon, unveiled a star and unleashed a phenomenon. Rappers in Nigeria beware!

No one who was at TOPS last Saturday left with any doubt that the world will hear a lot from Godswill Uche Michael, the young rapper known as G-WILZ who unabashedly says to one and all, “I am the King of the Word, the Toastmaster-General and the Minister of Rap. I was born on October 1 and I am lyrically licensed to kill!”




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