‘The effect Ramadan on our business’ -ENTREPRENEURS

Ramadan has changed the landscape of business in Nigeria, and entrepreneurs are experiencing mixed fortunes.

Some of them explained the effects of Ramadan in their endeavours…



Spiritually, I would say Ramadan has affected my business positively because most of what I have been looking up to God for have been falling in line. It’s really a month of blessings for me, especially career wise.

But on the other hand, activities have slowed down which makes businesses generally in the industry to be on the low side. We believe at the end of Ramadan, everything will pick up.



Everything is dull at the moment. We don’t have much sales because of the fasting. It’s only those dealing in foodstuffs that are enjoying now. Even prices of food stuffs, beverages and fruits have jacked up and those selling all these things are smiling.

But for those of us selling wears, you may not even get five buyers in a day. Everybody is waiting till the last two or three days of Ramadan before they will shop for what they will wear. So, we’re waiting for our turn. We’re used to the season.


LAWRENCE ONWUKWEM, Lawrence & Company

Ramadan has not really affected us since they started few days ago. But as an event company, we would take cognizance of the religious activity in planning functions.



Concepts Ltd.

Ramadan will definitely affect business because majority of Nigerians are muslims. For us, we have to scale down business until they are done. For now, we are not complaining.


BISI ADEEKO, Bisaino Signatures

Ramadan hasn’t really affected the business as such. I think this year is pretty good as far as my business is concerned.



It has not been all that bad, it’s just that some clients that are supposed to come say it’s Ramadan so they can’t come yet. So, I believe after that, it’s going to pick up because everyone loves to look good.

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