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My son (who’s now 16 but far taller and more handsome) has asked me repeatedly what separates the well dressed from the very well dressed.  And I never fail to reiterate that ‘neatness’, being very neat from head to toe is the first rule.  Not how expensive or stylish your duds are.  Not how fashionable and appropriate your apparels pass. No matter what you adorn, once you fail the ‘cleanliness’ test, you can’t get anywhere.

A friend of mine who grew up having a crush on Chief Alex Akinyele (one of the world’s most celebrated dandies) admitted how she swooned at the sight of the elder statesman in the early 70s.  She told me the 75 year-old amiable grandfather then adorned white pair of shorts and shirt with gleaming black shoes.

And all the pictures I have in my mind’s eye of well dressed people zoom into view with how neat and tidy their garbs are.

Well appointed apparels, duly cleaned or laundered well, without a spot of dirt or stain, begins the rule of very best dressed.

What you are wearing, and how you are putting them together come next…



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