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The governor we want (1)

As the April 11, 2015 governorship elections gets closer, ENCOMIUM Weekly asked Nigerians what would determine whom they would vote at the polls. We compiled their verdict in this series…


‘I will vote for equity in Abia’ – HENRY ROWLANDS (Abia)

Abia has been governed by two senatorial zones since 1993. So, this time, we are voting for a governor from Abia South in the interest of equity, fair play and justice. For me, it’s Okezuo Abia. Let all Abians be well represented.


‘On continuity I stand’ – EBERE ONWUNAH (Abia)

The present Abia governor, in my judgment has done well for the state. And I will vote for a governor that will build on the success of the outgoing governor.


‘I want Udom Best for my state as governor’ – AKWAWO (Akwa Ibom)

I want Udom Best for my state as governor because he is the only strong candidate we have for governor. People like Bishop Samuel Akpan and Umanah Umanah are not serious. They want our money. People like that do not deserve our votes. We need Udom Emmanuel as the governor of Akwa Ibom.

He is a good man, a man of honour and full of respect. Let’s all joins hands and support him as governor.


‘Someone that will understand the needs of the people’ – SAMUEL HARRY(Akwa Ibom)

The kind of governor I want for my state is someone that will understand the needs of the people. I will vote for Udom for Akwa Ibom governor and Goodluck for president because the two of them should continue. Udom Emmanuel is the God chosen and first known candidate in Akwa Ibom.

God knows why He chose him to continue from where Godswill would stop. Godswill Akpabio has done much for Akwa Ibom people both young and old and all the widows of the state. We need Udom to continue from where Akpabio stopped.


‘We need change in our promised land’ – ATANGA ODUDU (Uyo)

I want APC for change in Akwa Ibom because PDP in Akwa Ibom is useless. We need change in our promised land. I want Umanah Umanah to rule the people of Akwa Ibom for change. We are tired of PDP. I think it is better for us to have a candidate that will change the economy, agriculture and the power sector.


‘We want taste a fresh touch’ – EUNICE EZEKIEL (Lagos state)

I live in Lagos state, I registered in Lagos state as well. I am voting for PDP candidate, Jimi Agbaje because I know by God’s grace, he would win and we will all taste a fresh touch from after about 16 years of Bola Tinubu’s domineering influence in the politics of Lagos State. Also, it’s the right time to move forward in Lagos State by aligning with the party at the centre.


‘It’s sure that APC will have my vote’ – OJUOLAPE IDOWU (Lagos state)

I am a Lagosian, I have my PVC and I am voting in Lagos. It’s sure that APC will have my vote in all the elections. But I am very much concerned about the presidential and governorship elections. So, I am voting Akinwunmi Ambode as governor, come Saturday, April 11, 2014, God sparing our lives.


‘A courageous, spiritually matured…’ – BIOLA JOSHUA (Kwara state)

A courageous, spiritually matured, well experienced and a leader with great passion to help his people is all we need in our land.


‘A governor that is bold, mindful of the state of things’ – NIYI BABATUNDE (Ogun state)

A governor that is bold, mindful of the state of things, some one that is caring enough to listen to the cry of the masses, some one that will transform the economy for good.

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